Warehouses can be very hazardous if workers don’t practice warehouse MHE safety tips. 

In Malaysia, the manufacturing sector had 3876 cases of occupational hazards in the year 2020 alone. 

Occupational Accident Statistics by Sector 2020 by DOSH

Apart from work accidents, businesses will experience more downtime, legal issues and affected operations. 

Hence, to avoid these circumstances, follow these warehouse MHE safety tips.

The Complete Guide to Handling Warehouse MHE

We at Bullmax prioritize safety and efficiency all-around the warehouse, especially where material handling is involved. 

Thus, we have compiled all our safety tips for MHE handling so you are completely safe from any warehouse risks. 

  1. Warehouse Safety Tips
  2. Material Handling Safety Tips
  3. How to Operate a Hand Pallet Truck Safely
  4. Scissor Lift Safety Tips
  5. Drum Handling Safety Tips


Warehouse MHE Safety Tips

Basically, there are many risks in a warehouse which can cause injury and fatalities.

Thus, you must know the safety tips for warehouse workers that can effectively improve work performance without compromising safety. 

Material Handling Safety Tips

Usually, the most common operation in a warehouse is material handling. However, there are some workers who do not follow material handling safety religiously. 

Thus, employers should emphasize on the safe material handling tips so everyone and every material is kept safe. 

Hand Truck Safety Tips

Generally, one of the most common material handling equipment in a warehouse is the hand pallet truck. 

Nonetheless, improper use can cause injuries without safe use of hand pallet trucks. 

Explore how to use a pallet truck safely

Scissor Lift Safety Tips

Occasionally, the safe use of scissor lifts is overlooked by workers who worry more about getting the job done instead of their safety. 

As a result, it is possible that they will injure themselves from if they do not abide by scissor lift safety rules.

Drum Handling Safety Tips

Some warehouses need to handle drums on daily basis in their inventory.

Nevertheless, handling 55 gallon drums safely is difficult in such a fast-paced environment. 

So, follow these Warehouse MHE Dos and Don’ts

The safety of workers and material is a top priority for a successful business

In conclusion, the hustle and bustle of a warehouse can easily lead to negligence towards the safety of workers and equipment.

Thus, it is vital that employers are aware of the potential warehouse risks and how to prevent them successfully.


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