There are many kinds of electric pallet stackers, and each type varies in applications.

Likewise, each business has its own requirements for its warehouse operations.

Hence, you must choose an electric stacker that fits your warehouse needs.

Types of Electric Pallet Stackers and Their Application

With so many electric pallet stackers for sale, you can easily confuse which one you should get.

But don’t worry; we will help you decide on the best electric stackers for your warehouse operations.

Below are the most common types of electric pallet stackers and their ideal applications.

Standard electric stacker

The standard electric stacker is a heavy duty pallet stacker that is ideal for applications that require transportation and stacking of pallets.

They use legs that sit under the forks to distribute load weight.

This also allows them to lift and handle two pallets at one time

Moreover, standard pallet stacker offers the smallest turning radius of any type of electric stacker.

This makes it a great choice for applications where space is limited or where there are tight turns required in order to maneuver into position.

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Electric Straddle Stacker

Electric straddle stackers are a type of electric pallet truck stacker that uses straddle legs to distribute load weight.

These legs allow them to straddle a pallet without requiring much space.

This makes them ideal for low to mid-level selective racking applications, such as small warehouses or store rooms.

Electric Reach Stacker

The electric reach stacker is a high-reach industrial pallet stacker suitable for applications such as loading trailers, utility vehicles and trucks.

The material handling equipment is fitted with a pantographic scissor mast that can move loads forward away from the body of the stacker.

This enables the operator to reach greater heights than other types of stackers on the market.

Ride-on Electric Stacker

The ride-on electric stacker is a type of stacker with a platform and specialised controls to allow the operator to ride on.

The key disadvantage of these stackers is that the operator will need a licence to operate them.


Counter-balance electric stacker

The counter-balance electric stackers use a counter-balance weight to distribute loads.

This allows them to operate in narrower aisles than the more commonly used straddle stackers.

They also have the longest total length; due to the counter-balance weight, which results in a larger required turning circle compared to other types of stackers.

Best Electric Pallet Stackers for Warehouse Operations

Whatever type of warehouse operation you run and how many pallets you move through each day, there’s an electric pallet stacker out there that can help make your job easier.

Get yours from Bullmax, Malaysia’s best material handling equipment manufacturer and supplier.

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