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Material Handling Equipment In Malaysia

We offer a vast selection of handling equipment from hand pallet truck, electric pallet trucks, stackers, drum handling equipment, pallet mesh, and hand trolleys.


What Our Clients Say

En. Kamaruddin

Store Manager

I've been managing my company's storage for several years and changing to Bullmax equipment was the best decision I made.

Mr Lee


Since the moment I purchased Bullmax lifters and stackers, my production environment improved significantly!

Farid Rashid


My production workers were very satisfied with the productivity and efficiency after buying Bullmax handling equipment.

Elbert Low

Managing Director

Bullmax material handling equipment stands the test of time. I regret not purchasing them sooner!

Having problems transporting material around your warehouse?

What you need is a hand pallet truck or an electric pallet truck that can perfectly suit your day-to-day facility environment which we can happily supply you with.

Some warehouses need a little height for access and storage if they have more material to handle. If you’re struggling with material handling by constantly going up and down a ladder, we have pallet stacker for sale that can do just the job with little to no effort.

If you deal with material that comes in drums, you will need handling equipment, particularly for drums as they have a different structure and fragility than conventional material. Don’t have one? Or is your present drum handling equipment not up to par? Then take a look at our drum handling equipment for better efficiency.

Transporting material can be a hassle. What’s worse is that using manual labor may lead to injuries and fatalities of workers which isn’t a healthy work environment. So, take a look at our wide selection of various weight capacity trolleys that can carry loads with ease.

Do you need more storage capacity? Do you want to save space and organize better? Well, we can help you with just that with our pallet mesh that is designed for high stacking and for all types of material.

We have applied our expertise with the latest technology to manufacture and offer a vast selection of handling equipment. There’s no point to search any longer!


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