Heavy duty electric stackers are popular in the logistics industry for many reasons.

If you are still debating whether to buy electric stackers, the advantages below might be enough to convince you.

Why You Should Invest in Heavy Duty Electric Stackers

In today’s fast-paced society, businesses like warehousing and logistics constantly look for ways to improve operational efficiency.

One way to do this is by investing in heavy duty electric stackers.

Electric stackers have many benefits for logistics operations, including:

Less manual lifting

Manual lifting is one of the most common causes of injury in warehouses and distribution centers.

To reduce injuries, you must find ways to make material handling more efficient.

Material handling equipment like electric stackers can help you do this by allowing you to complete tasks faster and more safely than if you were doing them manually.


Improved productivity with heavy duty electric stackers

The whole point of using heavy duty electric stackers is that they allow you to handle heavy objects quickly and easily without using your own strength or manpower.

In addition, it also allows employees to focus on other tasks rather than spending time manually moving pallets around the warehouse.

This frees up time so that employees can focus on other tasks within their job description rather than perform repetitive physical movements all day.

All of these lead directly to an increase in productivity across your entire fulfillment center or warehouse facility.

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Lower risk of injuries

Workers who lift heavy objects manually may experience back injuries if they try to lift too much weight at once or if they don’t use proper safety equipment.

Also, people who spend hours moving heavy items around may get tired more quickly than someone operating an electric stacker would after doing the same amount of work.

Reduce labor costs

Electric stackers reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for manual labor in the warehouse or manufacturing facility.

This also reduces injury risks associated with manual lifting and moving.

In addition, electric stackers allow you to optimize your workforce by scheduling shifts around peak times instead of having to keep workers on hand all day long.


Reliable Performance

Electric stackers are reliable and well-designed machines that perform their tasks consistently and efficiently.

They can lift up to 4,000 pounds per unit and work at speeds up to 13 feet per minute (FPM), depending on model type and configuration.

Moreover, electric pallet stackers are also easy to operate with a simple interface that allows you to start, stop, and operate the machine through a control panel.

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about parts breaking or failing due to wear because each component is designed for durability and longevity.

Buy a Heavy Duty Electric Stackers for Better Productivity & Efficiency

Even though manual materials handling may be seen as the most cost-effective option, it is often not the best.

Electric stackers are available in capacities that far exceed man power and can easily lift most items.

Hence, electric pallet stackers will be a great investment for any organization, especially when scaled to accommodate the increasing demands of production.

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