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Mactruck is an upcoming and thriving distributor and manufacturer of handling equipment for a wide range of industries since the start of 2019. Being an MHE specialist and sole proprietor of the brand Bullmax, we offer a vast selection of equipment from hand and electric pallet trucks, pallet high lifters, stackers, drum equipment, scissor and platform lifts, hand and ladder trolleys, and storage equipment. 

Our ex-stock capabilities and after-sales service are both reliable and efficient in terms of our customer’s requirements and demands. 

Mactruck consists of experienced, knowledgeable, and certified technicians who ensure all our equipment is of top factory- standards. We guarantee your experience with our top-tier material handling equipment will be beyond compare.


To become the top supplier of local handling equipment beyond borders.


  • Manufacture top-quality handling equipment for all industries.
  • Provide premium industrial handling equipment across geographical borders.
  • Consistently upgrade our quality, lead time, and cost-effectiveness at all organizational levels.

What we do

Specializing in manufacturing and distributing handling equipment, we focus on both wholesale and retail services to build collaborative partnerships with potential clients. As an MHE specialist, we enable our customers or existing partners a vast selection of equipment regardless of industry sectors. 


Our Creation Process

Initial Stage

Once we identify a rising demand in a particular handling equipment, we source a quality base product from our network of suppliers.

Intensive Testing

The completed prototype goes through intensive testing under rough industrial conditions to detect existing and potential malfunctions.


Any weaknesses discovered by the prototype will be amended and refined to a better specification by replacing components with superior parts and fine-tuning to reach peak optimization.


Once it reaches the highest efficiency and durability, we add it to the Bullmax equipment catalog for our customers.

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