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Hand Pallet Truck

A hand pallet truck shouldn’t be disposable, it should be durable. Don’t settle for cheap but low quality equipment. You’ll regret the constant maintenance payment in the future.

We’ve been in business for a long time, so we know the demands of the industry where pump trucks to hand lifters dwell. That is why our wide array of pallet movers has various weight capacities of up to 5000kg! Not only can they withstand heavy loads, both hand pallet jack and electric pallet truck are specially designed for functionality.

A pallet mover is suitable for use in any application similar to a manual forklift. Take a look at our other categories for material handling equipment such as pallet stacker, electric stacker, hand lifter and more!

As the leading hand pallet truck supplier in Malaysia, our line of pallet handling equipment are up to par to ease all your material handling needs. Browse through our varied selection of pallet jacks that are durable with maximum functionality to improve your warehouse efficiency.

Pallet type for trucks
Open based pallet (without bottom boards)

Handle pallets without bottom boards can only be handled by hand trucks. This pallet is designed to be placed over trucks. It has no bottom boards for pallet jacks for easy pallet handling.

Closed based pallets won’t work with pallet movers as the wheels would restrict the entry of the pallet.

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