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Pallet Stacker

Operator productivity is maximized when using a pallet stacker to access and store material into low to mid-level racking. We have stackers that are of peak performance whether during lifting heavy loads, in narrow areas or a particular distance.

Whether manual, semi-electric and electric pallet stackers, we have all pallet stacker for sale!

Make an informed decision of which stacker is the best suited for your day to day working environment. The various specifications of each stacker can guide you for your purchase.

Your decision depends primarily on what your usual day to day work environment requires. Not entirely sure which is the best stacker for the job? To help you confirm your purchase with us, read 7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Handling Equipment.

What type of stacker do I need?
Be sure to check whether your chosen stacker has either these symbols to match your pallet type for easier material handling.
Open based pallet (without bottom boards)
This pallet is designed to be placed over forked stackers. It has no bottom boards for stackers to easily pick up the pallet. Typically, most handling equipment can handle this pallet type compared to closed based pallets.
Closed based pallet (with bottom boards)
A stacker with straddle legs can fit around this type of pallet. Position the forks between the legs then insert into the pallet when in use. The stacker can be used to handle both open based pallets and closed based pallets if a stacker is enlisted in this category.

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