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Drum Handling Equipment

Being in the material handling industry, the demand of drum handling equipment that can handle material well has come to our attention.

It requires more precision as drums have a different structure and fragility than conventional material like pallets and boxes.

They are used to raise, re-angle and transport drums more easily. Together with a simple and easy application, our drum equipment have the capacity to handle your drums swiftly and smartly.

Not only do we provide equipment such as drum truck, drum gripper, drum rotator,  drum rack, drum trolley, drum cradle, drum lifter and more, forklift attachments are also available. This is so heavy drums can be lifted using a standard forklift truck.

We have an updated and superior range of drum handlers. All are designed for safety and security for both the operators and drums.

Drum handlers have similar functions, some more than others. Some can even be handled using a forklift to maximize storage capacity and efficiency.

Deciding can take a considerable amount of time and thought. If you need help to make an informed decision, read How to Choose the Right Drum Handling Equipment. 

If you still can’t seem to decide, our polite customer service team can deal with your problem and find the best match for you so you don’t have to.

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