Top Choices of Electric Pallet Stackers For Warehouse Operations

There are many kinds of electric pallet stackers, and each type varies in applications. Likewise, each business has its own requirements for its warehouse operations. Hence, you must choose an electric stacker that fits your warehouse needs. Types of Electric Pallet Stackers and Their Application With so many electric pallet stackers for sale, you can […]


Electric Stacker Operating Tips to Keep in Mind

Follow these electric stacker operating tips for safe material handling Electric stackers are unquestionably useful for material handling, but if not used properly, they can pose a risk to both operators and pedestrians. So, here are some electric stacker operating tips to keep in mind for safety in the workplace.

Electric Stacker vs Forklift: Which is Better?

Both electric stacker and forklift are used for handling palletised goods.  If you are looking to buy a pallet handling equipment for your warehouse for this purpose, here is a comparison between the two to help decide which one is the best for you.


Benefits of a Pallet Stacker for your Business

A pallet stacker is the more economical choice compared to a forklift Typically, a warehouse or shop is not complete without a pallet stacker. Why? Because it is the most ideal piece of material handling equipment for lower duty cycles. So, as a leading warehouse stacker supplier, we have listed all you need to know […]


9 Types of Stacker & Their Application

The Best Stacker for Material Handling Ideally, a warehouse stacker is perfect for warehouses of restricted size to lift products for storage and into vehicles for transit. Hence, we’ve listed down the complete selection of stackers in Malaysia from manual stackers to powered pallet stackers available in Bullmax mhe warehouse.

6 ways a stacker can boost your warehouse efficiency

6 Ways a Stacker can Boost Warehouse Efficiency

Basically, the function of a stacker is to help lift palletized products to mid-level to high-level racking. Choices of fully powered, semi-electric or manual is totally up to the warehouse manager. Most of the time, they are used to handle pallets where forklifts aren’t as needed such as in small warehouses and store facilities.

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