Every job has hazards but a warehouse can be particularly dangerous

According to the DOSH, the manufacturing sector had the highest total of disabilities in 2020 due to warehouse hazards.

Refer here: Occupational Accident Statistics by Sector (Jan – July 2020)

Thus, before you know the warehouse safety tips to prevent such accidents, you must know of the common warehouse hazards too.

What are the risks in a warehouse?

A warehouse has many operations that require caution and precision. So we’ve listed down the most common warehouse hazards and how to prevent them.

  1. Operating MHE
  2. Handling materials
  3. High stacking level
  4. Harmful substances
  5. Recklessness

1. Warehouse hazards when operating MHE

Reported Fatal Accident

Date: 31st October 2019

Location: Factory in Selangor, Malaysia

Case: A general worker died after his forklift was overturned and crushed him.

Warehouse handling equipment can be extremely dangerous, especially if improperly used.

This is because warehouse MHE such as hand pallet truck and pallet lifter has many moving parts and controls. Thus, workers may face serious injuries if the warehouse safety rules aren’t followed.

To prevent this from happening, all operators must be trained to use the MHE safely. It is also crucial to place warning signs wherever MHE are used to avoid potential risks.

2. Handling warehouse materials

Reported Fatal Accident

Date: 22nd May 2020

Location: Factory in Johor, Malaysia

Case: A worker was killed after a truck crushed him when reversing to load and unload materials.

Of course a warehouse mainly deals with handling materials. As simple as it sounds, loading and unloading items can be hazardous.

Just like the case above, everybody involved must take caution of their surroundings. All eyes must be alert to avoid any warehouse hazards both during manual handling or using MHE in a warehouse.

3. High stacking level leads to warehouse hazards

Reported Fatal Accident

Date: 19th November 2019

Location: Factory in Johor, Malaysia

Case: An Assistant Production Manager was crushed by a mezzanine floor containing pallets

In any warehouse, high-level stacking is involved for maximum warehouse space organization. For that reason, there is a possibility of falling objects that could injure and kill workers.

Thus, all workers around high-level stacking must be alert of any possible warehouse hazards. Also, it is important to regularly check on racking systems such as a steel platform and pallet stacker.

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4. Warehouse hazards due to harmful substances

Reported Fatal Accident

Date: 13th January 2020

Location: Factory in Melaka, Malaysia

Case: A drum of liquid thinner exploded, killing a worker due to severe burns after catching fire from drum cleaning activities.

A warehouse hazard that has a high percentage of fatalities is the exposure of harmful substances. This is usually present in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

So, to avoid fatal explosions like the case above, all workers dealing with harmful substances must use caution at all times. Besides this, they should also wear the appropriate gear when using drum handling equipment.

5. Recklessness can cause warehouse hazards

Recklessness can lead to all of the above warehouse hazards. Regardless because of being careless or non-compliant to warehouse safety suggestions.

Even handling a hand trolley can be dangerous if warehouse equipment handlers take safety rules lightly. So, make sure workers are supervised to confirm no accidents happen due to irresponsibility.


How can you be safe in a warehouse?

Warehouse operations are much safer and productive if everyone follows all the safety rules.

Whether you’re the manager or the laborer, you must know of all the common warehouse hazards present. Only then will you know exactly how to prevent it.

Apart from following safety precautions, you need the best material handling equipment that can help your operations run smoother.

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