How to Use Warehouse Space Efficiently

Warehouse space tips

Businesses that run a large-scale warehouse spend a lot of money. 

That’s why efficiency is super important in a warehouse wherever possible. 

Be it to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to staff or maintenance of Material Handling Equipment (MHE), opportunities to cut costs is always an advantage.

Warehouse managers have one of the most important responsibilities which is to optimize the working space.

Inventory quantity and ease of handling are some of the aspects that they must prioritize. 

Read on to know exactly how you can maximize your MHE warehouse space.

1. Optimize your Aisles for Warehouse Space

Avoid wasting space. If your aisles aren’t optimized properly, your whole operation will be costly

By increasing the number of aisles you have, your storage space can increase substantially.

Analyse your floor plan meticulously to have the exact measurement for operations to run smoothly. 

However, each operation requires different aisle length. Thus, ensure that your dimensions are correct so that all handling equipment plus your workers can work comfortably and efficiently.

Optimize aisle width

2. Cross-docking to Reduce Warehouse Storage

Cross-docking minimizes storage use by receiving, sorting and scanning inbound stock in a separate terminal.

They are then loaded onto outbound vehicles without the need to store it in between.

This is to avoid unnecessary storage between journeys by instant handling them into the distribution chain.

It may be costly due to the additional resources but at the end of the day, it can save a lot of space.

3. Upward Potential for Bigger Warehouse Space

So you’ve analysed your floor plan. It seems your aisles are as close to each other as they can ever be. But you’re still not satisfied with the storage space. 

Explore your vertical options. Using Cage Pallets that can be stacked and stored easily can maximize your vertical space.

If you’re looking for a bigger space, consider investing in a Steel Platform for more racking space. 

high level stacking

Nonetheless, before you purchase any upward space savers, take note of how these items will be handled. 

If your current MHE warehouse equipment isn’t geared to reach high-level materials, Pallet High Lifters, Scissor Lifts, Platform Lifters and Ladder Trolleys are just the Access Equipment you need.

Access Equipment



Access Equipment

Ladder Trolley



Ladder Trolley

Pallet High Lifter



Pallet High Lifter

Platform Lifter



Warehouse Platform Lifts

Scissor Lift



Scissor Lift

4. Organize Supplier Warehouse Storage

Make full use of your offsite storage space by reserving your primary warehouse for ordered supply.

This way, you don’t have to worry about overstocking unpurchased items. 

This can significantly help to streamline your operation by separating your total stock into more manageable and locatable groups.

On the other hand, suppliers sometimes offer their warehouse space in the case of overstock.

Taking this opportunity may help to increase or decrease your incoming orders from them, which gives you greater flexibility on a week-by-week basis.

Save Space Sooner Rather than Later

You know your warehouse better than anybody.

With different requirements for different types of material, various shapes and sizes and logistical aspects to consider, managing warehouse space is no easy task. 

Relocating or purchasing additional storage may be the best option if you have the money to invest, but consider optimizing your warehouse space first.

Only then can you optimize the use of your Material Handling Equipment for better work productivity and efficiency. 

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