Hand pallet truck is a crucial piece of equipment used in warehouses and other industrial places to transport goods

Hand pallet truck is the most commonly used handling equipment in industrial settings. 

So, if you don’t follow the right hand truck safety tips, surely it will disrupt work flow.

They also do not come cheap so if you do not maintain your handling equipment properly, you will need to replace it constantly which will cost more money.

Therefore, as the top handling equipment supplier in Malaysia, here are 6 ways to extend the life of your pallet truck.

Extend pallet life in a cost-effective and efficient manner

One of the best pallet jack tips is to inspect your hand truck pallet daily. 

This way, you can make sure it gets the repairs it needs in time to prevent unwanted break downs.

To get an optimal use, check out these pallet safety tips:

Check and refill the oil

Check the pallet jack oil reservoir level every six months and every year, you must change or top up the oil.

We recommend using hydraulic oil for better performance.

Other oils may be too thick which will make it difficult to pump up.

Here is a quick guide for you to top up the oil for pallet jack:

  1. Firstly, place the hand pallet jack on a level, hard surface and lower the fork completely.
  2. Then, remove the reservoir plug by unscrewing the plug. Refer to the manual if you cannot find the reservoir plug.
  3. Add the oil using a funnel. The recommended grade for the oil is ISO 32 or ISO 46 and you can get the oil from material handling equipment suppliers.
  4. Then, pump the handle 10 to 15 times to remove trapped air and repeat steps 3-4 until the oil level becomes stable at the bottom of the fill hole.
  5. Lastly, screw the reservoir plug back and wipe the excess oil using a rag.


Protect the wheels of your hand pallet truck

Always keep the surface of your workplace clean. 

This will not only make working more pleasant, it is also good for the wheels of your handling equipment.

Dirty surfaces make it inevitable for dirt and debris to stick to the wheels.

As a result, the wheels will wear out much faster. Hence, clean the wheels regularly and remove any dirt on the surface to prevent this.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for curbs and steps. Take a detour to avoid cracking the wheels instead of a shortcut. Your wheels will thank you.

On top of that, overloading your pallet truck can contribute to the damage of the wheels. 

So, remember to make a few trips instead of just one to avoid overloading. 

Adjust the lowering valve

If your pallet jack can no longer lower its fork or pumps, the culprit may be the lowering valve.

To fix this situation, you just need to adjust your the lowering valve according to your needs.

Tighten the lowering valve to lower the fork and loosen the lowering valve to pump.

Lubricate your hand pallet truck

Never, ever forget to lubricate if you want to use it for a longer time.

Hand pallet truck manufacturers usually use long life-grease to lubricate all the bearings and axles. 

On a monthly basis or after cleaning, by using long life-grease (recommended) you need to lubricate the wheels, axles, the grease fittings and other lubrication points.

Ensure chain is in correct position

Remember to check the chain of your hand pallet truck regularly to see if it is still in the proper position.

However, if it is not in the correct position, you may notice the lowering valve no longer lower the forks.

To fix this, you just need to re-attach the chain to the lever.

Correctly and safely use your hand pallet truck

Most importantly, bear in mind to use it by using the correct ways and as safely as possible.

Hence, remember these pallet jack safety tips:

  1. Do not load beyond its maximum lifting capacity.
  2. Avoid using a pallet jack on a slope to prevent it from hitting something.
  3. Set the lever in DRIVE position when moving it for longer lifespan.

For more information, you can read our article on how to operate a hand pallet truck safely.


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