What is a Walkie Stacker?

A walkie stacker, also known as a pedestrian walk-behind stacker is one of the most popular material handling equipment in the material handling industry.

It is a walk-behind pallet truck with an attached mast for lifting pallets to different heights. It is also commonly used for transporting and lifting pallets in places where a forklift is not necessary such as store rooms and small warehouses.

Generally, they are ideal for transporting and lifting small capacity items. It is also advisable to use them indoors and on concreted flat floors as they have small wheels.

As the top MHE supplier in Malaysia, we want to share  the different types of walkie pallet stacker and their advantages.

5 Types of Walkie Stacker

Walkies comes in different types for varied applications.

The major difference between different stacker types is the way they distribute the load: either with front legs, straddle legs or counter balance weight.

1. Standard Walkie Stacker

To distribute load weight, standard walkie stacking equipment uses the front legs that sit below the forks.

This also allows it to lift and manage two pallets at the same time which makes it ideal for applications that require both pallet stacking and transportation.

However because the legs are below the forks, it can only lift bottomless pallets and containers. Nevertheless, compared with other walk behind pallet trucks, standard stacker has the smallest turning circle.

It is best suited for mid-level racking equipment, with minimum lifting heights starting at 1,845mm.

2. Ride on Walkie Stacker

As the name suggests, the operator can ride on the equipment because this type of stacker has a platform and special controls.

However, to operate a ride on stacker, the operator will be needing a forklift license eventhough the design is similar to the standard one.

The minimum lifting heights can start from 2000mm up to 6110mm.

3. Walkie Straddle Stacker

To distribute the load weight, straddle stacker uses its straddle legs. The legs help it to straddle pallets so that the electric stacker can minimize the space needed when going up nearer to a pallet.

It it most fitted for small to medium spaces such as storerooms, customer zone racking areas and small warehouses.

The minimum lifting heights start from 3300mm and can extend up to 5000mm.

4. Reach Stacker

This type of walkie truck has similar design to a walkie straddle stacker. The difference between the two is that reach stacker is equipped with a pantographic scissor mast.

Therefore, the mast has the ability to maneuver loads forward, away from the stacker’s body.

Reach stacker is commonly used in loading trucks, utility vehicles and trailers.

Its minimum lifting heights start from 2000mm and can extend up to 6460mm.

5. Counter Balance Stacker

Counter balance stacker allocate loads using counter balance weight. This helps it to operate in narrow aisles better than straddle stacker because it does not have straddle legs outside of its body.

Due to the counter balance weight, it has the longest total length which means that it has a bigger turning circle compared to other walk behind pallet trucks.

The minimum lifting heights start from 2000mm and can extend up to 6000mm.

The Advantages of A Walkie Truck

Some of the major benefits of a walkie pallet stacker are:

  • Does not release smokes or exhaust pollution and makes no noise, which makes it perfect for indoor material handling
  • Operators have better visibility because of its smaller size
  • Due to its smaller size, it is perfect for handling pallets in storerooms and in specialised warehousing sections like customer assigned storage spaces
  • Highly maneuverable and thus able to work in small and compact spaces
  • Electric powered walkie truck has lower operating costs
  • Operators do not need a license to operate a walkie truck unless it is a ride on
  • Generates lesser carbon emissions because it requires lower energy
  • Lowest upfront cost

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