[2021] Best Heavy Duty Trolleys in Malaysia

Heavy duty trolleys are common material handling equipment used by a large number of industries that transport physical products. Heavy duty trolley is used to move heavy loads from one place to another. When used properly, it can protect workers from back injuries and other health issues that can result from manually lifting heavy loads.


Semi Electric Stacker and How Does It Work

What is a Semi Electric Stacker? Semi electric stacker is a type of material handling equipment used for lifting, move and lower loads. As an entry level solution for material handling, it is most suitable for smaller operations. Additionally, this equipment can usually be found in small warehouses and shops.


Reasons Why Manual Pallet Stacker is Handy For Your Business

Manual pallet stacker makes moving, lifting, loading and unloading easier and quicker There are many different variations of pallet stackers, such as the infamous semi-electric pallet stacker and electric pallet stacker.  Nonetheless, manual stackers are also becoming more popular in the material handling industry.


Heavy Duty Racking Systems: 5 Different Types in Malaysia

Heavy duty racking systems are useful for warehouses and facilities that transfer,  ship, and store material on pallets. Proper racking systems help maximize warehouse space utilization. Apart from that, they also help keep material organized and easily accessible.


5 Tips To Handle Hand Truck Safely

Hand truck makes the task of carrying and moving objects easier and faster Hand truck or hand trolley is a wheeled cart with long handles that is useful for material handling in industrial, commercial and office environments.


5 Types of Walkie Stacker and Their Advantages

What is a Walkie Stacker? A walkie stacker, also known as a pedestrian walk-behind stacker is one of the most popular material handling equipment in the material handling industry. It is a walk-behind pallet truck with an attached mast for lifting pallets to different heights.


Material Handling Equipment Guide for 2021

Material handling equipment is a must for all industries for top performance. They are a great solution to manual handling, especially if you value the health and safety of your workers. With that said, it is important to know the details of handling and operating MHE in a warehouse. 


Material Handling Guide for Warehouses

The Basics of Handling Material in a Warehouse Handling material is essential regardless of industry You’ve got forklifts, hand pallet trucks and the lot but do you know the basics of material handling itself? Being in the mhe industry for so long, we know that you need the right equipment for a productive and efficient […]


Manual vs Electric Hand Pallet Truck

Almost every facility for every industry needs some sort of pallet truck. However, warehouse owners sometimes face the problem of deciding which is better-manual or electric hand pallet jacks.

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