The Best Stacker for Material Handling

Ideally, a warehouse stacker is perfect for warehouses of restricted size to lift products for storage and into vehicles for transit.

Hence, we’ve listed down the complete selection of stacker in Malaysia from manual stackers to powered pallet stackers available in Bullmax mhe warehouse.

What is a stacker?

A warehouse stacker is a specialized warehouse stacking equipment used to lift and move pallets and palletized products.

To date, in the material handling industry, there are various types of pallet stacker for sale. Evidently, load stackers are a low-cost alternative to forklifts or other heavy industrial handling equipment.

pallet stacker malaysia

1. Standard Manual Stacker

Manual stackers are the simplest and most affordable warehouse stacking equipment. It consists of a hydraulic pump that can lift pallets by manually pumping the handle.

Apart from its simple lifting mechanism which can be easily steered by its handle, the manual pallet stacker can lift up to 1500kg of warehouse equipment.

standard manual stacker

2. Manual Platform Stacker

The platformed manual stacker is a stacking mhe designed to lift warehouse pallets from ground level to up to 1.5m. Not only is it light-weight, the platform stacking equipment is simple to manuever suitable for narrow aisles.

Besides that, other features include a lifting table, overload protection, removable platform plate and a collapsible foot pedal. Moreover, it provides an easier and faster lifting operation up to 400kg of warehouse products.

manual platform stacker

3. Manual Straddle Leg Stackers

What’s special about the manual straddle leg stacker is that it can be lowered directly to the ground. This is possible due to the straddling legs at the sides of the pallet.

Plus, the straddle legs have different inner widths so you can choose the model that perfectly suits your standard closed based pallet.

manual straddle leg stacker

4. Self Lifting Stacker

Does your business require constant transit transporting products? The self-lifiting stackers are made for you.

This is because it can be easily and instantly transported into your vehicle using its unique self lifting mechanism. Because of this feature, the self lift stacker is super lightweight yet can carry up to 500kg of materials.

how a self lifting stacker works

5. Semi Electric Stacker

The semi electric stackers is specially designed to move in narrow aisles within short distances. In addition to its efficiency in confined areas, the semi auto stacker has an easy and smooth operation.

Therefore,  Bullmax offers 7 models of semi-auto pallet stackers from capacities ranging from 1000kg to 2000kg. With an electric control system and a hydraulic unit, this mhe for warehouse provides easier and faster operations.

semi electric stacker

6. Semi Electric Straddle Leg Stackers

Similar to the manual straddle leg stackers, the semi auto straddle leg stacker can also lower its forks directly to floor for easier access of pallets. However, this particular semi electric stacking mhe can carry up to 1000kg rather than 400kg.

Moreover, it is equipped with a double chain lift for extra support together with a near effortless hydraulic pump. With 3 models to choose from, select a semi electric straddle leg pallet stacker that best suits your pallets.semi electric straddle leg stacker

7. Powered Pallet Stacker

Moving on to electric pallet stackers, 4 models are available ranging from 1000kg-2000kg capacity and 1.6m-3.3m lifting height. This makes it suitable for light and medium duty material handling in your warehouse.

Not only that, the powered stacker is designed with a high tensile structure, strong frame chassis and an ergonomic handle. Your warehouse will experience productivity like never before.

electric stacker


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8. Electric Platform Stackers

Known for its swift operation, lightweight-ness and high performance lifting, the powered platform stacker is ideal for smaller warehouses.

Designed with a lifting table plus a hydraulic motor system, the electric platform pallet stacker can lift weights up to 400kg to 1.5m heights. The effortless platform stacking equipment will definitely help reduce downtime in your warehouse.

electric platform stacker

9. Electric Straddle Leg Stackers

Last but not least is the powered straddle leg stacker which comes in 6 models. Fitted with straddle legs, it can be swiftly lowered to ground level to lift palletized products safely.

The electric straddle leg stackers are the ideal material handling equipment for stacking heavy-weight products up to 1000kg. Plus, it is specifically designed to fit into a standard warehouse aisle width to ensure maximum efficiency even in tight spaces.

electric straddle leg stacker

Experience Smarter Stacking Now

Your warehouse and workers productivity depends on the equipment you choose

Daily material handling needs optimum productivity and efficiency. To ensure this, invest in quality mhe for your warehouse as your go-to solution.

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