How do you handle materials in a warehouse?

Material handling equipment is essential for all industries

Every industry needs proper handling equipment. From drum handling equipment to pallet handling equipment.

If you’re working with materials, you must already have handling equipment to go by your day. But, did you know there are many other warehouse mhe?

Who knows, you might need them. We at Bullmax are the MHE experts that care for your operation’s productivity.

So, here is a list of the top warehouse material handling equipment in Malaysia. We personally shortlisted ourselves.

When talking about material handling equipment, the list goes on and on. Almost every industry requires some sort of handling equipment to go by their day efficiently.

What are the different types of material handling equipments?

  1. Hand Pallet Truck
  2. Power Pallet Truck
  3. Pallet Stacker
  4. Pallet Lifter
  5. Drum Handlers
  6. Hand Trolley
  7. Ladder Trolley
  8. Pallet Mesh

Hand Pallet Truck 

Warehouses that use manual handling are seriously missing out. The least you should have is a hand pallet truck.

Bullmax has various manual pallet jack that are able to withstand 30 times its weight. That is certainly more than an average worker can possibly imagine.

In fact, you can also buy a Weight Scale Hand Pallet Truck that can weigh your load up to 2500kg. 

Electric Pallet Truck

A power pallet truck or sometimes called walkies or power jacks are one of the most common material handling equipment a warehouse has.

Compared to a manual pallet jack, the electric pallet truck offers seamless manuevering. Also, it needs less manpower to operate.

Other than a standard pull pallet truck, Bullmax also manufactures platformed power jacks.

This is for easier operation where the worker can stand on the platform and control where to go. So choose your pallet truck supplier well.

electric pallet truck with platform

Stacker Material Handling Equipment

If your warehouse has low to mid-level racking systems, you’ll definitely need a stacker.

A pallet stacker or pump truck can be easily operated that guarantees secure and quick handling.

Other than a manual stacker and electric stacker, Bullmax also supplies a Self Lifting Stacker. This material handling equipment can lift itself onto a truck without ever having to unload the palletized product. 

self lifting stacker operation

Pallet Lifter

Practically similiar to a pallet truck, a pallet high lifter not only moves loads easily, it can also elevate to a designated height to transfer loads.
Moreover, a pallet lift both manual scissor lift and electric pallet high lifter can also function as a portable workstation around the warehouse. How’s that for efficiency?
electric pallet high lifter

Drum Handling Equipment

Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical industry or fishery industry, you need drum handling equipment that keeps your workers safe.

To date, there are numerous 55 gallon drum handling equipment that can help fill, mix, tip or empty drums. 

However, the most commonly used drum handlers include drum gripper, drum grab, forklift drum gripper and drum lifter. Most of which you can attach to a forklift to ease operations. 

forklift drum gripper

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Hand Trolley

A hand trolley is a simple yet most popular warehouse mhe every industry needs.

Yet, some employers do not feel the need to buy a hand push trolley. This is mainly due to the fact that they can depend on manual labor to get the job done. 

Although it may save costs, sing manual labor risks your workers health and productivity.

So choose the best hand trolley among a number of types of trolleys that fit your facility’s needs. 

Ladder Trolley

With 5 models to choose form, the highest being 2745mm, this high gloss painted tower ladder gets the job done with little to no effort.

Moreover, a ladder trolley gives workers easy access to stacked material. It is an economic alternative to other access equipments.

Even so, at least 2 workers should operate this handling equipment to ensure complete safety. 

ladder trolley

Pallet Mesh

Another warehouse must is the pallet cage or pallet mesh. Known as the best pallet storage equipment that keeps your material safe and saves storage space.

Mesh pallet cages are super useful for material storing to identify products and for better material handling.

Moreover, when not in use, you can stack each pallet tainer for more space utilization.

Choose the Best Material Handling Equipment

Any facility will experience better productivity if they use the right material handling equipment.

However, choosing the right one isn’t just limited to how it looks and how much weight it can carry.

So you should consider many factors before purchasing warehouse mhe. So refer a mhe supplier and manufacturer to get the best advice. 

Contact our friendly customer service team to know exactly what to focus on when purchasing or upgrading your material handling equipment.

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