Follow these electric stacker operating tips for safe material handling

Electric stackers are unquestionably useful for material handling, but if not used properly, they can pose a risk to both operators and pedestrians.

So, here are some electric stacker operating tips to keep in mind for safety in the workplace.

Electric Stacker Operating Tips for Safety

Ensure load is tightly secured

Before operating an electric stacker, ensure that the loads are tightly secured and stable.

You can use ropes or straps to secure the loads. This helps to prevent the loads from falling and tipping over.

Moreover, do not carry more loads than necessary.

Apart from exceeding the weight limit, which can cause imbalance, the loads may block your view, increasing the risk of injuries.

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Control speed

When handling material using an electric stacker, maintaining a safe speed is essential.

If you move too fast, it can lead imbalance and destabilisation, resulting in accidents.

One tip to safely operate electric stackers is to use the right combination of speed and sharp turns.

Conduct routine inspection

Avoid equipment failures by conducting a thorough inspection before using an electric stacker.

A routine inspection allows operators to check for the condition of the equipment and make sure it is up for the job.

Besides, these daily safety inspections and tests will also help operators develop good maintenance habits.

Use appropriate clothing and PPE

Operators must dress appropriately to avoid serious injuries should there be accidents.

They must be adequately equipped with appropriate safety gear, such as safety shoes, gloves, and helmets.

Safely Operate Your Electric Stacker with Bullmax

If you follow these electric stacker operating tips, you should be able to reduce the risk of injuries at the workplace.

Additionally, when it comes to safe material handling, Bullmax electric stackers are perfect for any application.

We have a wide array of electric stackers that fit your needs and requirement.

So, if you ever need an electric stacker, Bullmax can help you.We are a trusted material handling equipment manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.

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