Material Handling Equipment Guide for 2021

Material handling equipment is a must for all industries for top performance. They are a great solution to manual handling, especially if you value the health and safety of your workers. With that said, it is important to know the details of handling and operating MHE in a warehouse. 


Top Material Handling Equipment in Malaysia (2021)

Top work performance in a warehouse needs top material handling equipment What are the equipment used in material handling? Almost all industries require some form of MHE warehouse for their daily operations. But did you know there are various warehouse mhe other than the standard pallet jack and hand trolleys? As the leading material handling equipment […]

Effective Warehouse MHE Safety Tips for 2021

Warehouses can be very hazardous if workers don’t practice warehouse MHE safety tips.  In Malaysia, the manufacturing sector had 3876 cases of occupational hazards in the year 2020 alone.  Occupational Accident Statistics by Sector 2020 by DOSH Apart from work accidents, businesses will experience more downtime, legal issues and affected operations.  Hence, to avoid these […]


The Top Material Handling Equipment Supplier in Malaysia

Choose a top material handling equipment supplier for top work performance Firstly, as a warehouse manager, all MHE in the warehouse should be durable and efficient for all your operations. Of course, searching for a particular warehouse MHE gets the job done. Nonetheless, a MHE supplier can give you professional help to make the right […]


How to Operate a Hand Pallet Truck Safely

Workers who operate a hand pallet truck may face several risks without proper handling. Essentially, a pallet jack is commonly used when handling heavy material is too laborious to manually handle. Hand pallet jacks are mainly operated to transport palletized products from one place to another with minimal effort. However, even the simplest handling can […]


How-to Guide to Effective MHE Maintenance

MHE maintenance is a must for every MHE to maintain its performance. Not only proper maintenance of material handling equipment prevents MHE breakdowns, but it also improves production line flow. This will certainly help as warehouses are a fast-paced and busy environment. So, you need a properly maintained warehouse MHE for optimum work. Hence, follow […]


5 Handy Tips to Handle Heavy Material Safely

Safe handling is a must when working with heavy material. Safety Tips when Handling Heavy Materials The workplace is a busy and active environment with various activities happening all around. This can lead to possible distractions and negligence among workers. However, putting in place warning signs isn’t enough. Because as an employer, you must know […]


Material Handling Guide for Warehouses

The Basics of Handling Material in a Warehouse Handling material is essential regardless of industry You’ve got forklifts, hand pallet trucks and the lot but do you know the basics of material handling itself? Being in the mhe industry for so long, we know that you need the right equipment for a productive and efficient […]


7 Helpful Tips to Choose the Best Pallet Truck Supplier

How to Choose the Right Pallet Truck Supplier in Malaysia There are many factors to consider before choosing a pallet truck supplier Before you start choosing which pallet truck you need, take time to decide on a pallet truck supplier. Making any decision business-related needs research, discussion and shortlisting. It’s time-consuming but worth the extra […]

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