The Basics of Handling Material in a Warehouse

Handling material is essential regardless of industry

You’ve got forklifts, hand pallet trucks and the lot but do you know the basics of material handling itself?

Being in the mhe industry for so long, we know that you need the right equipment for a productive and efficient work line.

However, you must first know the basics of handling material in a warehouse. 

Refer to Factories and Machinery Act 139 in Malaysia

What is the meaning of Material Handling?

Generally, material handling is the act of moving, storing, controlling and protecting materials. It is the helping hand for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and disposal of a business. 

With that said, you need proper mhe in a warehouse. Here are some useful handling material tips that you can apply for a better working environment. 

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What are the advantages of handling material?

If you don’t know already, handling material has many benefits that you may have overlooked. Evidently, a warehouse is much more successful if they practice the right mhe safety. 

Moreover, you can considerably prevent accidents and injuries caused by manual handling and improper handling. Also, customer service is greatly improved since your products are easier to find, controlled and moved. 

Need we say more? Regardless if you’re trying to enhance efficiency or to prevent workplace hazards, you need the right warehouse mhe.


What are the types of material handling?

Before you know the different mhe a warehouse needs, you must acknowledge its different types. This is so your business is much smoother if you know exactly what you need. 

  1. Transport equipment
  2. Positioning equipment
  3. Storage equipment
  4. Unit load formation equipment

What are warehouse mhe?

There are different categories of mhe available whether manual or electric handling equipment. It all depends on what your business nature might need for a consistent and controlled operation. 

Therefore, we’ve listed down all the required mhe so you can make an informed decision. 

  1. Hand Pallet Truck
  2. Electric Pallet Truck
  3. Manual & Electric Stacker
  4. Pallet High Lifter
  5. Drum Handling Equipment 
  6. Scissor Lift
  7. Platform Lifter
  8. Hand Trolley 
  9. Ladder Trolley
  10. Access Equipment
  11. Storage Equipment
  12. Warehouse Racking Systems

To know more about these mhe, read Best MHE to Boost Work Progress for more details. 


Choose the Best MHE for the Best Work

Your selected mhe supplier can help you make the right decision.

All in all, every warehouse manager must know all the fundamentals of handling materials. One of them being making the right choice for a mhe supplier. 

This is because a mhe supplier can provide you with the right solutions to prevent any hazards that may occur. 

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