How to Choose the Right Pallet Truck Supplier in Malaysia

There are many factors to consider before choosing a pallet truck supplier

Before you start choosing which pallet truck you need, take time to decide on a pallet truck supplier.

Making any decision business-related needs research, discussion and shortlisting. It’s time-consuming but worth the extra effort so your workline is more efficient.

Start by choosing the right pallet jack supplier for a better selection of hand pallet jacks. Here are some of the top things to look for when choosing a pallet jack dealer.

Refer to Factories and Machinery Act 139 in Malaysia

1. Pallet Truck Supplier’s Reputation

There is nothing more valuable to a business than its reputation. This also applied to hand pallet truck suppliers.

Leading pallet jack suppliers are popular in their local area. This is because they have support services like equipment training, consultations, and maintenance.

If you’re looking for any material handling equipment supplier, start by narrowing down local suppliers with a fine reputation.

2. Does the Pallet Jack Supplier offer maintenance and repairs?

No matter the brand or hand pallet truck model you choose, you will need routine maintenance and repairs.

An excellent pallet truck dealer has highly skilled technicians to perform repairs and maintenance when you need them.

Hence, you need a pallet jack supplier that can provide all that for you. If you choose correctly, they can assist you in long-term service plans too.

3. Knowledgeable Pallet Truck Suppliers

As simple as a pallet jack may look, they are complex to the untrained eye.

Whether you’re choosing an electric pallet jack or a manual pallet jack, you need a pallet truck supplier that knows their product.

So, when choosing your dealer, ask any questions either about the hand pallet truck or their services. If their answers satisfy you, you’ve found your ideal mhe supplier.

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4. What other material handling equipment do they provide? 

Other than a variety of hand pallet trucks, does the supplier offer any other warehouse mhe?

Frankly, the best suppliers are the ones that can offer more. Some popular mhe you may need such as electric stackers, scissor lifts, ladder trolley and hand trolley is the least they should provide.

As for Bullmax, we also provide warehouse solutions such as order pickers, racking systems, storage systems and more.

5. Pallet Truck Supplier Location

You should consider how close your pallet jack supplier is located. The closer the better.

The reason being it greatly helps during any equipment emergencies or you need a hand jack pronto. Sure you can call them in a second but a fast response and ready-to-go service team are what you’re looking for.

So, choose a mhe supplier that has many service locations and has one close to you. Not only that, make sure they offer full-scale services as well.

6. Training by the Pallet Jack Dealer

It’s not just a push and pull mechanism with a pallet jack. Workers must be trained before they are authorized to operate a hand pallet jack.

Although it is easy to use, it is also easy to misuse. Before long, injuries or product damage may happen and you’ll lose valuable work time.

Hence, pallet truck operators or any mhe operators must be properly trained. Who better to train them than the mhe manufacturer themself?

By choosing a pallet truck supplier that offers training, your workers will become low-risk professionals who can safely handle warehouse material.

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7. Do they provide good after-sales service? 

It’s one thing to provide complete after-sales service. It’s another thing to ensure services are exceptional.

In any case, your chosen pallet jack sales and support team must be prepared to assist you by any means. Not only should they be smart, but they should also know how to solve your problems.

So choose wisely. Only a trustworthy hand pallet truck supplier puts their customer requirements first.


Invest in the Best Pallet Truck

Choose the best and let them worry about the rest

In conclusion, every facility manager should take their time doing the research to choose the right pallet truck supplier. 

Lately, pallet trucks are a fundamental mhe for all warehouse operations. So choose your hand pallet truck supplier wisely.

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