Forklift Drum Handling Attachments in Malaysia

Forklift drum handling attachments are simple yet efficient solutions to lifting, carrying, and handling drums around the warehouse.  Mainly it’s because you can easily attach them to the forks of forklifts for easy applications and maximum storage. To date, there are several types of forklift attached drum handling equipment in the material handling equipment industry.

Material Handling Equipment in Manufacturing Industry

Material handling equipment is a top priority for the manufacturing industry Generally, proper material handling consists of protecting, moving, controlling and processing materials. Therefore, warehouse housekeeping tips is essential for any industry. Because from processing raw materials to managing the end product for distribution, it all depends greatly on the material handling equipment. Typically, warehouse […]


Drum Handling Equipment Guide for 2021

Drum Handling Safety, Tips and Procedures Drum handling equipment are used by many companies. For example, pharmaceutical, chemical and water waste sectors. It is an essential warehouse material handling equipment to handle liquids in containers or drums. With that said, it is important to know more information on drum handling procedures for a safer work environment. […]


Top Material Handling Equipment in Malaysia (2021)

Top work performance in a warehouse needs top material handling equipment What are the equipment used in material handling? Almost all industries require some form of MHE warehouse for their daily operations. But did you know there are various warehouse mhe other than the standard pallet jack and hand trolleys? As the leading material handling equipment […]


Drum Handling 101: How to Handle Drums Safely

Industrial drum handling has many potential risks without the right safety precautions

However, even the most dangerous handling can be safe with the right safety guidelines.

Here are some tried and tested tips on how to handle drums safely.


12 Types of Drum Handling Equipment for Better Work

Manual drum handling has many risks so invest in proper drum handling equipment.  The Best Drum Handling Equipment Apart from regular warehouse MHE, another necessity is equipment to handle drum. Drums or barrels have a different structure than other materials so they need specialized 55 gallon drum handlers.


8 Top Warehouse Material Handling Equipment in Malaysia

How do you handle materials in a warehouse? Material handling equipment is essential for all industries Every industry needs proper handling equipment. From drum handling equipment to pallet handling equipment. If you’re working with materials, you must already have handling equipment to go by your day. But, did you know there are many other warehouse […]

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