Forklift drum handling attachments are simple yet efficient solutions to lifting, carrying, and handling drums around the warehouse. 

Mainly it’s because you can easily attach them to the forks of forklifts for easy applications and maximum storage.

To date, there are several types of forklift attached drum handling equipment in the material handling equipment industry.

What is a forklift drum handler?

Basically, a forklift drum handler is an essential piece of warehouse drum handling equipment used to grip, lift, and handle many types of drums.

This includes steel drums, standard 55-gallon drums, barrels, plastic drums, and fiber drums.

Moreover, they are commonly used in chemical, petroleum, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

More information on forklift drum handlers.

What are the types of forklift drum handling equipment?

Basically, every warehouse prioritizes optimized space and excellent management systems for maximum production.

Therefore, it is important to know the different types of drum forklift attachments so all your processes run smoothly.

  1. Drum Grab
  2. Forklift Drum Gripper
  3. Horizontal and Vertical Drum Positioner
  4. Forklift Drum Rotator
  5. Overhead Drum Clamp
  6. Forklift Overhead Drum Lifter
  7. Overhead Drum Rotator

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Drum Grab

Also known as a drum gripper, this drum handling equipment can carry up to 1080kg.

You can choose either the 1 drum gripper or 2 drum gripper for forklift both with hand screws and chains to secure the drum grabber to the forklift.


Forklift Drum Gripper

Bullmax has a variety of drum grippers that can carry 1 drum to 4 drums with weight capacities of 360kg to 1440kg respectively.


Horizontal and Vertical Drum Positioner

The forklift drum positioner is a type of drum handler that can lift and transport up to 2 empty or filled drums.

Besides this, the drum positioner can smoothly lift vertical drums into a horizontal position and vice versa for drum storage purposes.


Forklift Drum Rotator

Although the forklift drum rotator can only manage 1 drum at a time, it has many applications.

For example, lifting, moving, and rotating drums with a pull-chain loop to control the drum from the forklift operator seat.


Overhead Drum Clamp

This drum lifters handling equipment can horizontally lift 1 drum at a time by attaching it to a hoist, crane, or forklift hooks.


Forklift Overhead Drum Lifter

Basically, there are 2 versions of the overhead drum lifter. One can lift and carry a drum in an upright position whereas the other drum lifter handles a drum in a sideways position.

Both forklift drum lifters can securely grip a drum for gentle and quick operations around the warehouse.


Overhead Drum Rotator

As per its name, the forklift drum rotator has many functions such as lifting and transporting drums and pouring out its contents.

Although it sounds rather complex, the operation is fairly simple in which the drum is easily secured into place. Then, it is rotated via an attached chain where the forklift operator can adjust safely.


The Top Drum Handling Equipment Supplier in Malaysia

Bullmax has top performance drum handling equipment for maximum efficiency and safety.

When talking about drum handling procedures, many industries use drums to contain valuable or sometimes hazardous contents.

Hence, Bullmax highly recommends the best of the best so you can keep your costly materials safe and secure from any spills or damages.

So, reach out to our friendly customer service team to know more details about the best drum handling equipment in Malaysia.

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