Using the best drum handling equipment is the smartest choice when it comes to handling drums.

This is to ensure safe drum handling, and reduce the risk of spills and injuries in the workplace.

What is Drum Handling Equipment?

Drum handling equipment is for lifting and transporting drums in various industries.

There are many kind of drums such as steel drums, barrels and plastic drums. They are used for shipping bulk cargo, or large amounts of unpackaged goods.

Instead of handling these drums manually, workers use drum handling equipment to reduce accidents and injuries.

Best Drum Handling Equipment

Proper use of drum handling products can create a safer work environment. It can also improves efficiency and productivity.

There are many types of drum handling equipment available for your every need.


Grabs are a type of forklift attachment. They provide you a cost-effective solution for lifting and transporting goods over long distances. Moreover, they are available in single and double capacity.

Grabs function by gripping the drums around the middle or the top of the rim. Moreover, it can also lift drums in both horizontal and vertical positions.

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These are also known as rotators. As its name, it is for mixing and blending the content of drums. It is suitable to use for content that tend to seperate or must be mixed during production.

There are two types of mixers available which are roller and tumbler.


One of these can turn a heavy duty task into a simple one. Palletizer offers the ability to sort and transfer goods on and off pallets with ease.

They work by gripping the drums around the middle which allow them to tilt and pour liquids inside. Meanwhile, for simple lifting and moving, they grab the drums by top rims.

On top of that, they come in two versions which are manual and battery powered.

Vertical-lift pourers

These are also known as tippers, tilters, and dumpers. They are suitable to use for raising or pouring the content of drums.

Besides, they also make the task of pouring easy by allowing the operators to control the angle and height.

Apart from that, you can also turn the drums 360° in either direction by using this equipment.


These are most suitable to use for moving goods in short distances. There are a lot of variations such as dollies and trolleys. These variations offer different types of applications based on your needs.

Dollies are suitable for moving through narrow aisles while trolleys are for picking up and rolling the drums around in one swift move.


The Best Drum Handling Equipment Supplier in Malaysia

Many industries use drum handling equipment to safely handle drums that contain valuable or sometimes hazardous contents.

Apart from that, they also use the equipment to keep their workers protected.

Hence, choose Bullmax material handling equipment to keep your costly materials safe and secure as well as protecting your workers from injuries.

So, reach out to our friendly customer service team to know more details about the best drum handling equipment in Malaysia.

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