Drum Handling Safety, Tips and Procedures

Drum handling equipment are used by many companies. For example, pharmaceutical, chemical and water waste sectors.

It is an essential warehouse material handling equipment to handle liquids in containers or drums.

With that said, it is important to know more information on drum handling procedures for a safer work environment.

So, follow this guide to know more about safe drum handling.

Dangers of Handling Drums

Before getting to know the types of drum handlers and how they operate, you must first recognize the risks of drum handling.

Accordingly, you will know how to practice drum handling safety around a variety of drum handling equipment in a facility. 

How do you Handle a 55 Gallon Drum?

The most standard size of a drum is a 55 gallon drum. However, all types of drums must be handled carefully to avoid potential dangers.

Certainly, employers are responsible to set proper health and safety measures for workers to handle drums safely.

Choosing Drum Handling Equipment

Now you know the risks and the safety tips when handling drums, you need to know how to select the perfect drum handler for your operations.

Because it is crucial that you are clear of all the features and functions a drum handlert has before you use it in your operations.

Types of Drum Handling Equipment

Lastly, you must want to know which type of equipment is best to handle your drums, right?

Luckily, there are many variations including drum tipping equipment and forklift drum handlers. However, it is best to choose from a MHE supplier. 

Handle Drums the Right Way

Finally, you know the full details of drum handling devices.

So, now consider buying from a brand that sells the best drum handlers in town!

Therefore, consult an expert, preferably from a material handling equipment supplier with great after-sales service.

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