Manual drum handling has many risks so invest in proper drum handling equipment. 

The Best Drum Handling Equipment

Apart from regular warehouse MHE, another necessity is equipment to handle drum.

Drums or barrels have a different structure than other materials so they need specialized 55 gallon drum handlers.

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Hence, you need to know the different drum handling procedures before buying a drum handler of your choice.

So, we’ve listed down the best handling equipment so you can handle drums properly.

Types of Drum Handling Equipment

1. Transport Drum Handling

Drum Truck

If you don’t need quick drum handling, drum trucks can help you just enough. This drum handling hand truck can transport a standard size drum one at a time with little to no effort.

Also known as a drum cradler, you only need to secure the drum in place. Then, tip the drum truck for easier drum handling.

Drum Porter 

A drum porter is able to transport drums in an upright position. It easily grabs the drum and requires effortless maneuvering. Bullmax has two drum porters, a standard one and a drum porter with a adjustable height feature.

Drum Carrier

Similarly to a drum truck and drum porter, a drum carrier can also transport and carry drums one by one. But, its special feature is that it can also tip and empty drums.

Thus, if you have this horizontal drum carrier, you won’t need a separate handling equipment to carry and empty drums.

Other than the above, drum handler, drum gripper, drum positioner, drum grab, drum rotator, drum lifters and drum clamp can also transport drums.

2. Lifting Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handler

For more ease when handling drums, a drum handler can help you transport and lift even the heaviest drums. This vertical drum handler is a safer alternative as it can secure a drum safely. However, you can choose a semi-electric drum handler for an even smoother operation.

Drum Grab

If you need to save space but need a quick fix to transport and lift your drums, a forklift drum grab is the ideal choice. This is because forklift forks fit into the drum grab’s hollow pockets.

Not only that, the forklift-attached drum grab can be extra secure to the forklift by utilizing the connected chain.

Drum Gripper

A forklift drum gripper not only transports drums but can lift them for easier stacking and organizing. To do this, simply attach the drum gripper to a forklift and secure it with the attached locks.

Basically, Bullmax makes 4 models of the forklift drum stacker. You can transport and lift not only 1, 2, or 3 drums but four 55-gallon drums!

Overhead Drum Lifter

An overhead drum lift can safely and quickly lift a filled drum in an upright position. On top of that, you can also attach the drum lifter to either a hoist, crane or a forklift.

So, if you use this overhead drum clamp, you will certainly reduce downtime and the possibility of spills and injuries. This is because the forklift drum lifter comes with the secure grip of 3 clamps.

Other than the above, a drum positioner, drum rotator, and drum clamp can also lift drums.

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3. Tilting Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Carrier

A drum carrier not only transports and carry drums one by one, but it can also tip and tilt drums to mix or empty drum contents.

Forklift Drum Positioner

Just like a drum grab and drum gripper, the drum positioner can also lift and carry drums around by attaching it to a forklift. Moreover, a forklift drum positioner can safely tilt and tip empty or filled drums with an added lock attachment.

Besides that, a forklift drum handler can lift vertically placed drums to a horizontal position for stacking purposes. That is why it is also called a horizontal drum carrier due to this special feature.

Other than the above, a drum handler, drum truck, drum rotator and drum lifters can also tilt drums.

4. Drum Handling Equipment to Rotate Drums

Forklift Drum Rotator

The forklift drum rotator is an ideal forklift attachment for any facility. Reason being is that it can transport, lift, tilt and rotate drums by turning a forklift into a drum rotator. It also comes with a pull-chain loop so the operator can control the drums easily from the forklift truck.

Overhead Drum Rotator

Basically, an overhead drum drum rotator has similar features with a forklift drum rotator. However, what sets it apart is you can attach it to a hoist or a crane.

This helps workers to transport, lift, rotate, and mix drums at a higher level than a forklift attachment. Also, this drum rotator is fastened with an attached chain which can secure the drum for handling.

Other than the above, a drum carrier can also rotate drums.

5. Forklift Drum Handling Equipment

Managing a warehouse with a variety of materials including drums can cramp up your space. So, you need to maximize storage space not only for your materials but also for your material handling equipment.

Therefore, Bullmax has a simple solution by producing forklift attached drum handling equipment which can be securely fitted to forklift forks. Now, your forklift can also be a drum handler. 

Choose from the Top Drum Handling Equipment Supplier

Before you choose a drum handler, choose the right MHE supplier

Stick to someone who knows material handling equipment inside and out. That way, you are confident that your choice to purchase any warehouse MHE is a smart one.

Especially for drums which can contain hazardous chemicals, you need an ideal handling equipment to go by your daily operations safely.

Hence, choose Bullmax for drum handling solutions designed for functionality and suitable for any of your applications.

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