Hand pallet trucks are one of the most essential warehouse material handling equipment every facility should have.

However, this commonly used MHE are easily misused despite its functionality and simplicity.

So, follow this complete guide to know everything about pallet jacks to achieve better work performance.

What is a hand pallet truck?

Before we get into the details of pallet trucks, let’s get to know what exactly hand jacks are. 

A hand pallet truck or pallet jack is a material handling and moving tool widely used in manufacturing, logistics and transportation and many more due to its purpose.

Furthermore, pallet trucks are considered a smaller version of forklifts which are larger in size and quite difficult to maneuver.

Handy Guide to Hand Pallet Jack

Hand trucks are simple enough to handle. But, it’s not just about handling them properly.

Actually, you must know the types of pallet trucks, how to operate hand trucks, the best brand of pallet trucks and more.

So use this comprehensive guide on hand pallet jacks to know more information.

Why Do You Need Hand Pallet Jacks?

Warehouses that have confined spaces benefit the most with pallet jacks.

Mainly because they are more compact in size and easy to operate. 

What Are The Different Types of Pallet Jacks?

In the material handling world, pallet trucks comes in many varieties ranging from weight capacity, manual or electric and its power.

Thus, to find the best hand pallet jack for your daily operations, you must know of the different types of pallet jacks.

Manual or Electric Pallet Trucks?

Generally, people prefer an electric hand pallet truck for easy operations and less manual labor.

Nonetheless, a manual pallet truck also has its benefits for warehouse operations.

How to Use a Pallet Jack: A Step-by-Step Guide

Certainly, anyone can operate a hand jack due to its simple and easy operation.

But, hazards can occur if workers are not trained to use a hand pallet truck properly. 

Who Makes the Best Pallet Jack?

So now that you know the details of pallet trucks, it is time to identify which brand carries the best pallet jack in town!

However, typing in ‘pallet truck’ in your selected online shopping search isn’t the best idea.

Hence, you will need an expert’s advice, preferably from a material handling equipment supplier with great after-sales service.

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team for more detailed information.



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