Guide to Use a Manual Pallet Truck

A hand pallet truck is one of the most essential manual handling equipment for a warehouse or any facility. It is the best alternative for forklifts and manual handling.

Basically, a hand pallet jack is used to transport small to medium loads in short distances. So, it is the ideal warehouse handling equipment for narrow and tight spaces.

If you are looking for the best hand pallet truck to add to your warehouse mhe, it’s best you know how to operate a pallet jack. Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use a Pallet Truck

Despite its simple structure, a pallet truck can be easily mishandled if the proper training isn’t given. Thus, it is important that all personnel who are allowed to handle a hand pallet truck be notified on how to operate a pallet truck safely.

  1. First, stand behind the pallet truck
  2. Second, put your hands on the steering handle facing the forks outward
  3. Make sure the pallets (with/without load) are linear to the pallet truck forks
  4. Then, locate the lever on the steering handle and press to lower the forks
  5. Afterwards, push the hand pallet jack all the way through the pallet base
  6. Next, jack up the pallet truck by pulling the handle towards you repeatedly
  7. Lastly, push or pull the hand pallet truck to your designated place

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Top Useful Features of Bullmax Powered Pallet Truck

  1. 5 hours charging time (2 hours charging is optional)
  2. Easy to turn steering handle
  3. 180° steering
  4. Ergonomic control lever
  5. Can be manually jacked up and down
  6. Small turning radius for narrow spaces
  7. Has a speed of 5km/h
  8. Simple yet smart charging
  9. Weightless and small Lithium battery included

Safety Tips to Use a Pallet Jack

Although a pallet jack is a relatively simple machine compared to other warehouse material handling equipment, they are dangerous if not handled properly.

Thus, before workers operate a pallet truck either manual or electric, they must be aware of the following safety precautions:

  1. Inspect the hand pallet truck before use
  2. Clear the pathway before moving the pallet jack
  3. Ensure only trained and authorized staff operates the hand pallet
  4. After each use, store the manual jack in a secure area
  5. Strictly follow the weight capacity of the pallet truck
  6. Do not mishandle the manual pallet truck
  7. Notify superior if the hand pallet jack malfunctions

Furthermore, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the United States, there have been a number of accidents relating to pallet jacks.

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Handling a Pallet Jack

A hand pallet truck is the most ideal mhe for any place.

All in all, operating a pallet jack may be simple but to disregard safety is a no-no. By handling a hand jack the right way, say goodbye to frequent equipment maintenance and downtime.

Remember, pallet trucks have become a fundamental component for all operations in warehouses. So grab your hands on one with us!

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team for more detailed information.

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