Why You Should Choose an Electric Pallet Truck with a Lithium Battery

An electric pallet truck with a lithium battery is easily the best choice for efficiency. Lithium-ion batteries are relatively new to the market. Still, they have quickly become one of the most popular options for electric vehicles because they offer several advantages over other types of batteries. That is why most electric pallet trucks today […]

4 best uses for powered pallet-trucks

4 Best Uses For Powered Pallet Trucks

Powered pallet trucks are a great addition to any warehouse. In addition to moving pallets around a warehouse, they can be used in a variety of ways. Here are four of the best ways you can use powered pallet trucks on a regular basis. Ways You Can Use Powered Pallet Trucks If you are looking […]

5 Electric Pallet Jack Safety Rules for Safer Operation

Electric pallet jack safety rules ensure a safer operation. Material handling is inherently risky, hence why safety should be the number one priority when using MHE. When operating an electric pallet jack, there are a few safety rules you need to follow to ensure a safer operation.


Pallet Jacks: Do’s and Don’ts

Pallet jacks or pallet trucks is a material handling equipment that is used to transport goods in nearly every industrial warehouse and wholesale facility. Many operators can have a great deal of experience in operating pallet trucks but accidents at workplace still happen.


The Free Complete Guide to Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand pallet trucks are one of the most essential warehouse material handling equipment every facility should have. However, this commonly used MHE are easily misused despite its functionality and simplicity. So, follow this complete guide to know everything about pallet jacks to achieve better work performance.


How to Operate a Hand Pallet Truck Safely

Workers who operate a hand pallet truck may face several risks without proper handling. Essentially, a pallet jack is commonly used when handling heavy material is too laborious to manually handle. Hand pallet jacks are mainly operated to transport palletized products from one place to another with minimal effort. However, even the simplest handling can […]


How to Use a Hand Pallet Truck (Video Tutorial)

Guide to Use a Manual Pallet Truck A hand pallet truck is one of the most essential manual handling equipment for a warehouse or any facility. It is the best alternative for forklifts and manual handling. Basically, a hand pallet jack is used to transport small to medium loads in short distances. So, it is […]

9 Types of Hand Pallet Truck & Their Application

What is the best hand pallet truck? Transporting palletized product can be a hassle. Generally, doing it manually is tiring and harmful. Before any injuries happen, invest in a quality hand pallet truck  that will improve work productivity substantially. Refer: Guidelines for Manual Handling at the Workplace Hand pallet jack or a pallet trolley are types […]

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