What is the best hand pallet truck?

Transporting palletized product can be a hassle. Doing it manually can be tiring and harmful. Before any injuries happen, invest in a quality hand pallet truck  that will improve work productivity substantially.

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Hand pallet jack or a pallet trolley are types of pallet transport fit for plastic pallets, wooden pallets, metal pallet or any type of pallet crates.

Since there are several types of pallet jack, finding the right one for your application is no problem.

We’ve listed down the different warehouse pallet trucks available so you can make an informed decision.

1. Standard Hand Pallet Truck

Also known as a manual pallet jack, a standard pallet truck can be used to handle material of up to 5000kg.

It’s simple enough operation enables users to move large and heavy material. However, it takes up worker’s energy as they have to manually pull the hand pallet.

Hence, the narrow pallet jack is recommended for heavy materials under short distances.

Standard Hand Pallet Truck

2. Low Profile Pallet Jack

The low profile hand pallet truck looks similar to a standard pallet jack but one of its unique features is the low clearance. 

It is designed specially for handling wooden palletes or skids that have a low profile. This is best suited for when a standard hand pallet jack will not fit.

There are 2 models available with a weight capacity of either 1000kg or 2000kg. If this hand jack fits your requirements, then what are you waiting for?

Low Profile Hand Pallet Truck

3. Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Made from stainless steel, Bullmax has manufactured a pallet jack that can withstand water and corrosion.

So, if you’re in the agriculture, pharmaceutical, chemical, food or medical industry, this hand truck is the perfect match for you.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

4. Hot Dipped Galvanized Pallet Truck

Another option you can choose if you’re working in wet or corrosive environment is the hot dipped galvanized hand pallet truck. 

The only difference is that this hand jack is more cost efficient due to the material used. The frame, forks and handle are galvanized to ensure it is fully corrosion resistant. 

Other than its galvanized properties (barrier protection, cathodic protection, and zinc patina), it can also carry up to 2500kg of weight with an easy operation.

Hot Dipped galvanized Hand Pallet Truck

5. Unique Size Hand Pallet Truck

Do you have particular sized loads? Do you use special sized pallets? If yes, what you need is a unique sized hand pallet truck. 

What makes it so special is the various fork width and lengths available. All you need to do is choose the suitable dimensions you require.

6. Weight Scale Hand Pallet Truck

Specifically designed to weigh your cargo instantly after loading, the pallet truck with a weighing scale can maximize efficiency greatly.

If you’re interested in a manual jack, invest in a Hand Pallet Truck Weight Scale. Apart from its built in weight scale, it can carry 2500kg of weight.

With its 180° steering, even small spaces are no match with its small turning radius for easier maneuvering. Weight Scale Hand Pallet Truck


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7. Electric Hand Pallet Truck

An electric pallet jack is much more efficient than a manual pallet truck with no significant difference in price.

This basic model of a powered pallet jack eases mobility in confined spaces. It also comes with forward and reverse speeds, lifting and lowering controls, and safety button.

Two designs are available with a small difference in the handle but both are able to withstand 1500kg seamlessly.

Electric Pallet Truck

Electric Hand Pallet Truck

8. Walkie Electric Pallet Truck

Equipped with either 1500kg or 1800kg weight capacity, the walkie pallet truck is perfect for medium labor around the warehouse.

Operating this power jack is a walk in the park with its power steering wheel, excellent stability and speed/lift controls.

If you are looking to reduce labor costs, using a riding pallet jack also known as walkie electric pallet jack can absolutely assure that.

Electric Walkie Pallet Truck

9. Battery Powered Pallet Jack

This platformed electric pallet truck helps the operator to control and move together with the walkie pallet jack.

It is also equipped with side protection and a platform to further secure the worker when operating the power pallet jack.

Assembled with a 24 V/Ah battery, this electric rider pallet jack can handle either 2000kg, 2500kg or 3000kg load weight effortlessly.

Battery Power Pallet Truck


Grab that pallet!

Choosing the right equipment for your cargo is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Make the ultimate choice that will give you the utmost productivity and efficiency for your daily material handling. 

Need a hand to handle your material? All of our material handling equipment are specially designed for functionality and are suitable for use in any of your applications.

Or contact our friendly customer service team for more specialized options.

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