What is a Semi Electric Stacker?

Semi electric stacker is a type of material handling equipment used for lifting, move and lower loads.

As an entry level solution for material handling, it is most suitable for smaller operations.

Additionally, this equipment can usually be found in small warehouses and shops.

Advantages of a Semi Electric Stacker

Cost-effective alternative

A semi stacker can be an excellent alternative to a forklift. If you occasionally load and unload objects, semi stacker is ideal for you since it is much cheaper than a forklift.

Does not require a license

The operator does not need to have a license to operate the machine. However, as a safety precaution, it is advisable to get yourself familiar with the machine before operating it.

Easy to maneuver

Semi stacker does not take much space as it is compact in size. So, you can easily maneuver it in narrow passage and limited spaces .

Environmental friendly

Compared with a fully electric stacker, semi electric one does not emit exhaust gas. Therefore, you can operate it even in a closed space.

Less noise

This machine does not make a lot of noises when in use so it can be used in shops with visitors or employees.

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How Does a Semi Electric Stacker Work?

A semi stacker uses a mix of manual and battery power. To power it on, you just have to push a button to turn on the motor.

The engine controls the forks, enabling the operator to lower or raise them to a desired height.

In addition, the operators must use their own strength to move the machine around in the warehouse. Nonetheless, very minimal effort is needed to do this as it can move with ease on flat surface.

Cost-effective Semi Electric Stacker in Malaysia

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