Manual pallet stacker makes moving, lifting, loading and unloading easier and quicker

There are many different variations of pallet stackers, such as the infamous semi-electric pallet stacker and electric pallet stacker. 

Nonetheless, manual stackers are also becoming more popular in the material handling industry.

Manual Pallet Stacker is Beneficial for Your Business

Like the other variations, manual stacker has its own advantages and benefits.

It is also a cost-effective solution especially for small businesses that does not require much moving and lifiting.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to explain why a manual pallet stacker can be handy for your business.

Low cost

As mentioned above, manual stacker is a cost-effective solution for material handling. The cost to buy one is relatively low than the other variations.

That being said, the maintenance cost is also much lower.

So, if you are in a budget but need an equipment that works just as well, manual pallet stacker is ideal for you.


Easier to use and maintain

Since it is manual, this type of pallet stacker is much easier to use than others. Moreover, there are no complicated features and buttons that may confuse the operators.

On top of that, it is easier to maintain. Other variations of pallet stackers may have some specific check-up routines to ensure it’s working correctly and safely.

However, with a manual stacker, you just have to follow the standard maintenance procedures.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery and replacing the battery since it does not need one.

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Does not need license to operate manual pallet stacker

It is a known fact that operators need to have a license to operate certain equipment.

Those equipment are most likely to be complicated and risky to operate. Hence, a license is required.

Nevertheless, an operator can operate a manual stacker without a license. Additionally, you can also save some costs by not having to spend on operating licenses.

Regardless, safety is always a priority, so it is a good idea to get your operators to be familiar with the equipment before operating it.

Compact and simple design

Most manual pallet stacker comes in compact and simple design. So, it is suitable for small and constriced space.

Due to it’s compact design, it can be more efficient in handling material as there won’t be extra precaution steps to follow through when operating it.


Cost-effective Material Handling Solution in Malaysia

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