Learn how to properly operate a hand pallet truck to increase productivity and efficiency.

Hand pallet trucks are a popular piece of material handling equipment due to their practicality. 

Hence, adding a hand pallet truck to your fleet will surely benefit your operation. 

Steps to Operate a Hand Pallet Truck

Using a hand pallet truck eliminates the need to manually lift and carry material. 

As a result, it will improve productivity and efficiency of moving loads around the warehouse.

However, improper use of a hand pallet truck can increase the risk of injuries.

So, if you are thinking about investing in one but are wondering how to use a pallet truck, take a look at the steps below.

Step 1: Locate the release lever

First thing first, position yourself by standing behind the pallet with your hands on the steering handle. 

Tip: The forks should be facing outward, not towards you.


Then, locate the release lever. It is usually found on the handle, attached to the center bar.

Step 2: Press the lever

What you want to do next is to move the hand pallet truck to the pallets you would like to move.

Once that is done, use the lever by pressing it up and inward to lower the forks.

The forks should be about one inch off of the ground.

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Step 3: Slide the forks under the pallets

Once the forks are completely lowered, carefully slide them underneath the pallets.

If you find it hard to do, it could mean that the forks are not lowered enough.

Hence, double-check the forks before sliding them under the pallet.

Additionally, make sure you push the forks all the way through the pallets so that the wheels are resting on the floor and not on any part of the pallet.

Step 4: Lift the pallet

The last step is to lift the pallet by pulling on the handle.

You should pull the handle at an angle until you feel some resistance. 

Keep pulling the handle a few times until you manage to lift the pallets to a certain height so that they will not drag on the floor while moving.

Top Performance Hand Pallet Truck

The steps to operate a hand pallet truck are easy enough right? So, you should definitely get one for your warehouse!

You don’t have to look far because Bullmax offers the best selection of hand pallet trucks in Malaysia.

So, contact our friendly customer service team for more information!

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