Heavy duty trolleys are common material handling equipment used by a large number of industries that transport physical products.

Heavy duty trolley is used to move heavy loads from one place to another. When used properly, it can protect workers from back injuries and other health issues that can result from manually lifting heavy loads.

Best Heavy Duty Trolleys in Malaysia [2021 Edition]

Hand trolley, also known as hand truck or dolly has many types. Therefore, we have picked some of the very best heavy duty hand trolleys to share with our loyal readers.

1. Platform trolley

Platform trolley is the most common type of trolley. In general, it features a flat platform on a 4-wheel chassis.

Nonetheless, platform trolleys do come in many variations. Listed below are some of the variations:

Platform trolley without handle

Without a handle on the trolley, it is ideal for moving large items as there are no restrictions.

Bullmax’s no-handle platform trolley has two weight capacities which are 120kg and 300kg. 

Foldable platform trolley

The design is the same as the platform trolley without handle, except that this one comes with a handle. The handle is used to either push or pull the platform and the load it is carrying.

Plus, it is also foldable. You can easily store it when not in use to avoid taking up unnecessary floor space and reduce hazards.

Below are some of our best foldable platform trolleys for sale.

These foldable hand trolleys, the PS101 and PM301 are perfect for daily operations such as courier services and factories.

They are both more durable and heavy duty than plastic trolleys in the market! Plus, Bullmax offers a 3 month warranty for both these hand trolley models.

For more varieties, feel free to browse our catalog!

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2. Cage trolley

Caged trolley is basically platform trolley but with cage. The cage is to prevent objects from falling off while moving.

Similar to the platform trolley, the durability and weight capacity varies depending on the type.

You may view our catalog for more.

3. Shelf trolley

Shelf trolley, as the name implies, is a type of trolley with shelving that allows you to carry multiple items.

Additionally, some shelf trolleys come with cages on the sides of each shelf for extra protection during transit.

Explore your choices of shelf trolley here!

Get Heavy Duty Trolleys for Your Warehouses

If you work in an industry that requires the transportation of heavy loads and items, having at least one type of hand trolley is a must!

Looking for the best heavy duty hand trolley? Don’t worry, Bullmax got your back.

Our hand trolleys are made from high quality steel making them the most ideal for heavy duty works.

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