6 Ways a Stacker can Boost Warehouse Efficiency


Basically, the function of stackers is to help lift palletized products to mid-level to high-level racking. Choices of fully powered, semi-electric or manual stacker is totally up to the warehouse manager.

Most of the time, stackers are used to handle pallets where forklifts aren’t as needed such as in small warehouses and store facilities.

Stackers have grown immensely popular over the years in the material handling industry.

It is exactly what you need if your warehouse needs to handle large containers. Stackers are a popular choice of material handling equipment as it can raise and stack pallets with ease.

Using a stacker will help you:

  1. Handle heavy loads easier
  2. Stack multiple containers
  3. Stack faster
  4. Save money
  5. Save the environment
  6. Make the better choice

1. Easy Heavy-weight Handling

A fully-equipped stacker can carry up to a 2000kg of load. A fine example would be the Electric Stacker that can withstand weights from 1000kg to 2000kg.

This stacker is ideal for small factories, warehouses and storage facilities where there is smaller space. It helps you load and unload goods like a forklift, but it takes up much less space.

Now you don’t have to waste so much investing in a forklift.


2. Multiple Stacking

Compared to forklift trucks or reach stackers, stackers can reach similar heights but with better storage efficiency. It doesn’t require that much leg room but gets the job done just as well.

There are even stackers that can reach 3.5 metres! Perfect to stack containers from low to mid-level rows without the hassle of complicated operation

3. Fast Stacking

Many warehouses are making the smart decision to purchase stackers due to their speed of application. With lighter loads, they are especially fast but even with heavier containers, they are able to stack them over short distances.

But if you’re looking for a faster application, opt for an electric stacker as it doesn’t require as much manpower.

4. The Cheaper Stacker

Some warehouses think the easiest option is to buy a forklift or even a crane to solve their stacking problems. What they don’t know is that stackers are just as efficient and far cheaper.

It’s not just cheap during purchase but it is also low maintenance so you don’t have to fork out a ton load of money just to keep it running.

5. Eco-friendly Stacker  

In this day and age, it’s vital that your decisions must be in favor of the environment. Be smarter and choose greener.

Opt for stackers that produces zero emissions while still providing the strength and mobility needed to stack pallets and containers.

As an added bonus, the lack of waste saves time that would normally be spent disposing of gas after the job is done.

6. Extensive Choices of Stackers

Since stackers are so popular, manufacturers took the liberty to create various models making it easier for warehouse owners to choose from. Manual stackers depend on the muscle power of the operator but it more ideal if your facility deals with lighter loads.

On the other hand, electric stackers put little physical strain on the operator. This is perfect for longer periods of operation as it runs on automatic power.

There is also an option for a semi auto stacker if you can’t decide between the two.

Stack Smarter Today

There are so many things to consider before making the decision but it shouldn’t have to be so difficult.

Before you make the decision to buy that forklift or reach stacker or even a container crane, consider buying a stacker. It may be the most ideal handling equipment for your daily needs.

Stuck choosing the best one? Call us up and we’ll help decide which best suits you.

Having trouble deciding for other handling equipment? Read the Best Handling Equipment to Boost Work Progress to help you make the right choice.

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