Electric pallet jack safety rules ensure a safer operation.

Material handling is inherently risky, hence why safety should be the number one priority when using MHE.

When operating an electric pallet jack, there are a few safety rules you need to follow to ensure a safer operation.

Rules for Electric Pallet Jack Safety

Did you know some of the common injuries involving pallet jacks? Those include:

  • Back strains
  • Hand crushes
  • Foot strains and fractures
  • Internal injuries from falls

While these injuries may not be entirely avoidable, some precautions can be taken to mitigate the risk.

1. Check the condition of the pallet jack

Each component of an electric pallet jack works together to ensure safe and efficient functioning.

When a component, such as the wheels, is damaged, the pallet jack is deemed unsafe and inefficient.

Hence, you need to inspect the overall condition of the machine before operating it.

For a start, be sure to check the followings:


The wheels are one of the most vital components.

Therefore, without the wheels, it is impossible to operate the machine.

So, inspect the wheels for abnormalities that make operating difficult and dangerous.


Controls button

On top of that, ensure that the control buttons are fully functional.

Likewise, the forward, neutral and reverse controls should work smoothly.


Furthermore, dirt and debris can get stuck in the forks after use.

Thus, make sure to take the time to carefully clean up the area.

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2. Be familiar with the route

As a responsible operator, you should be well informed about the route you are going to use.

Additionally, you want to take note of the potential hazards along the route such as narrow aisles, tight corners, inclines, or intersecting paths.

Knowing your route well allows you to plan your trip accordingly to avoid any accidents.

3. Start and stop gradually for electric pallet jack safety

Next, you want to start and stop your pallet truck gradually.

Never jerk or whip the machine by its handle, as doing so will inflict strain and shock on your muscle.

In the worst-case scenario, you could seriously injure yourself.

4. Fully charge the battery

Always make sure you charge the machine fully before operating it.

When operating a powered pallet truck with a low battery, you run the risk of having to halt halfway through the operation.

This leads to unnecessary downtime which increases the likelihood of accidents.

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5. Store properly

When not in use, store your electric pallet truck in a safe and secure location.

On the other hand, do not store it in the pedestrian walkway, as workers may trip over it.

Moreover, ensure that you plug it into a recharging portal so that it is ready for next use.

Electric Pallet Jack Safety for Safe and Optimal Operation

Electric pallet jack safety is not a subject to be taken lightly. So, follow these simple rules for a safer operation.

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