Every warehouse should own a powered pallet jack, especially if you are moving pallets laden with items daily. Moving and lifting pallets around your warehouse will be much easier with powered pallet jacks.

In other words, powered pallet jack can drastically improve your business operations.

4 Reasons to Buy a Powered Pallet Jack

A powered pallet jack can be a great addition to your entire fleet. Being a smaller alternative to a forklift, it is a cost-effective equipment for warehouse of any size.

So, here are the reasons why a powered pallet jack would be a great investment for your warehouse.

Budget friendly

By comparison, a powered pallet truck costs relatively less than a forklift. On average, it offers 65% savings compared to a forklift with a similar capacity.

Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, powered pallet jacks can be your next best option.

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Fast transporting

Powered pallet trucks can cover a wide range of distances at a faster rate in a shorter amount of time.

Moreover, some powered pallet truck has a platform that allows the the operator to stand on the equipment which increases mobility.

Hence, with much greater speed and increased mobility, you can complete more work each day.

Powered by battery

Instead of using gas like forklifts, powered pallet jacks are battery operated which means you can save money on operating expenses. You just have to simply recharge it whenever it runs out of battery.

Not only that, electric pallet jacks also produces little to no fumes. This make it perfect to use in enclosed areas.


Better maneuverability

Powered pallet jacks have better maneuverability compared to forklifts. Thus, it is suitable to use in small spaces or confined areas.

On top of that, there are actually various sizes of pallet jacks with different weight capacities that you can purchase for your warehouse.

Basically, the key is to purchase an electric pallet jack that will work for the lifting needs of your warehouse.

Get a Powered Pallet Jack for Your Warehouse

Invest in a electric pallet truck for your warehouse today!

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