Heavy loads can be dangerous to move, especially if you do it by hand.

That is why almost all operations today use a manual pallet truck, also known as a hand pallet truck.

However, every material handling equipment has its own risk.

So, here are some tips for handling heavy loads safely using a manual pallet truck.

Safety Tips for Using a Manual Pallet Truck to Handle Loads

While there are many benefits to using a hand pallet truck in your warehouse, there are also safety hazards that you should be aware of.

When used improperly, manual pallet trucks can result in:

  • Foot Injuries
  • Back Trauma
  • Shoulder Strain or dislocation
  • Bruising or lacerations

To avoid injuries, it is important to learn the safe ways of handling loads using a hand pallet truck.

Perform regular inspection

Before using the hand pallet jack, ensure all parts of the equipment are in good working order.

Pay particular attention to the wheels and forks; make sure they are not damaged.

You also want to test the controls, handles, and levers, ensuring they are working properly.

Avoid using the equipment if you notice any defects or issues.

Instead, get your manual pallet truck fixed before using it again.

Use proper protective gear

Besides inspecting your manual pallet truck before each use, you should also wear proper protective gear.

Wear sturdy safety shoes and gloves that can protect you while handling loads.

This will help prevent injuries to your hands and legs.

Load the truck properly

There are a few safety tips for loading the truck properly. Here are some:

First, it is important to stack the load evenly, so it does not tip over while moving.

Next, do not overload the pallet truck.

Overloading leads to instability and can cause serious injuries if the load tips over while moving it.

Third, keep the load close to the ground as much as possible so that it is easier for you to control the movement of the load during transport.


Be cautious of ramps and inclines

When using a manual pallet truck, use caution when going up or down ramps or inclines.

These are the areas where it is most likely that a load will slip off, causing serious injury.

So, make sure always to keep an eye on the load.

Besides, you also want to slowly ease the pallet truck down the ramp and onto the ground.

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Invest in a Bullmax Manual Pallet Truck for Safety

Manual pallet trucks are great for handling heavy loads.

They can be extremely useful with a bit of care, but they also present a danger if not operated properly.

We recommend that you always keep safety in mind while using your pallet truck and follow the proper safety precautions.

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Bullmax is the leading material handling equipment manufacturer and supplier.

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