Material Handling Guide for Warehouses

The Basics of Handling Material in a Warehouse Handling material is essential regardless of industry You’ve got forklifts, hand pallet trucks and the lot but do you know the basics of material handling itself? Being in the mhe industry for so long, we know that you need the right equipment for a productive and efficient […]


8 Top Warehouse Material Handling Equipment in Malaysia

How do you handle materials in a warehouse? Material handling equipment is essential for all industries Every industry needs proper handling equipment. From drum handling equipment to pallet handling equipment. If you’re working with materials, you must already have handling equipment to go by your day. But, did you know there are many other warehouse […]


7 Helpful Tips to Choose the Best Pallet Truck Supplier

How to Choose the Right Pallet Truck Supplier in Malaysia There are many factors to consider before choosing a pallet truck supplier Before you start choosing which pallet truck you need, take time to decide on a pallet truck supplier. Making any decision business-related needs research, discussion and shortlisting. It’s time-consuming but worth the extra […]


How to Use a Hand Pallet Truck (Video Tutorial)

Guide to Use a Manual Pallet Truck A hand pallet truck is one of the most essential manual handling equipment for a warehouse or any facility. It is the best alternative for forklifts and manual handling. Basically, a hand pallet jack is used to transport small to medium loads in short distances. So, it is […]


9 Types of Stacker & Their Application

The Best Stacker for Material Handling Ideally, a warehouse stacker is perfect for warehouses of restricted size to lift products for storage and into vehicles for transit. Hence, we’ve listed down the complete selection of stackers in Malaysia from manual stackers to powered pallet stackers available in Bullmax mhe warehouse.

9 Types of Hand Pallet Truck & Their Application

What is the best hand pallet truck? Transporting palletized product can be a hassle. Generally, doing it manually is tiring and harmful. Before any injuries happen, invest in a quality hand pallet truck  that will improve work productivity substantially. Refer: Guidelines for Manual Handling at the Workplace Hand pallet jack or a pallet trolley are types […]

Pallet Mesh and Pallet Cage

How to Use Pallet Mesh and Pallet Cage Correctly (with pictures)

A wire mesh container is the best option for you if you need a reliable storage solution. To date, the most common support to handle materials are standard wood pallets. But, if you’re handling material that need extra protection that wooden pallets can’t achieve, a pallet mesh is the solution for you. If you’re looking […]


6 Safety Guidelines when Operating Lift Tables

Lift tables require their own special handling technique.

This motorized handling equipment has a platform that can be used to lift materials straight up by a criss-cross metal support mechanism.

Primarily used to access hard-to-reach areas, workers can utilize the lift table to handle high-level equipment easily.

However, it is important to note that lift tables have specific safety guidelines when in use. 


Why Every Warehouse Needs a Hand Pallet Truck

A few boxes is a breeze but your warehouse doesn’t just handle a few boxes, right?

Even a seasoned warehouse worker faces fatigue if they’re faced with repetitive movement and lifting. 

Here’s how you can make your worker’s life much easier and increases productivity to the max!

All you need is a hand pallet truck that can solve your manual handling problems.

How to Use Warehouse Space Efficiently

Warehouse managers have one of the most important responsibilities which is to optimize the working space. Inventory quantity and ease of handling are some of the aspects that they must prioritize. Read on to know exactly how you can maximize your warehouse space.

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