Why Every Warehouse Needs a Hand Pallet Truck


Do your workers have difficulty manually lifting heavy without a Hand Pallet Truck?

A few boxes is a breeze but your warehouse doesn’t just handle a few boxes, right?

Even a seasoned warehouse worker faces fatigue if they’re faced with repetitive movement and lifting. 

Here’s how you can make your worker’s life much easier and increases productivity to the max!

All you need is a hand pallet truck that can solve your manual handling problems.

1. Pallet Trucks Increase Efficiency

Pallet jacks come to the rescue and make things incredibly easier and much faster.

Efficiency and cost reduction are imperative aspects when it comes to factory and warehouse operations. 

Hand pallet jacks are basically designed in order to provide the required efficiency and economy for the movement of goods in warehouses.

2. Hand Pallet Jacks are Ergonomic

Placing goods on pallet trucks is much easier because of their flat surface and stability as well.

They are indeed easier to handle and store due to their uniform nature. Bullmax provides hand pallet jacks that can fit a worker like a glove.

3. Hand Pallets have Good Maneuverability

Hand pallets are useful because they not only lighten the load but also help in their easier movement from one place to another. 

With its simple maneuverability, making turns, moving forward and back is only limited to how wide your aisles are. 

pallet jack maneuverability

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4. Hand Pallet Trucks are Automated

Operated manually or by use of battery, they can handle wide loads of different sizes and even stack them on top of each other thereby reducing the time taken to move goods.

It is important to choose pallet trucks that can cater to your business. To know more on manual and electric powered hand pallet trucks, read Manual vs Electric Hand Pallet Truck.

5. Hand Jacks are Cost Reducing

Hand pallets have become increasingly popular in warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants and factories across many countries due to how efficient and cost saving they are.

In comparison to forklifts, hand pallets are substantially cheaper and take up less space while performing more or less the same tasks a fork lift can do.

6. Narrow Pallet Jack are Injury-Free

Due their small size, the scope of injuries is also minimal.

Hand pallet trucks also come with safety locks and hand-fitted handles that works as that additional level of safety.

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7. Pallet Truck has Extra Features

Some models of hand pallet trucks have inbuilt weighing scales which allow operators to weigh goods placed on it.

These Weight Scale Hand Pallet Trucks can efficiently cut time from workers who have to weigh their materials beforehand.

Moreover, they do not cause any noise and at the same time have minimal maintenance issues.

Handle it with a Hand Pallet Truck

A hand pallet truck can be your best investment ever.

In a nutshell, it’s always a good idea to invest in a hand pallet truck in order to improve efficiency in your warehouse in a more economical and efficient manner.

In today’s industrial era, pallet trucks have become a fundamental component for all operations in warehouses. So grab your hands on one with us!

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