Top work performance in a warehouse needs top material handling equipment

What are the equipment used in material handling?

Almost all industries require some form of MHE warehouse for their daily operations.

But did you know there are various warehouse mhe other than the standard pallet jack and hand trolleys?

As the leading material handling equipment supplier in Malaysia, we at Bullmax have listed down our best MHE money can buy.

What is MHE?

Material handling equipment is any piece of machinery that transports, carry, stack, store and control materials.

What are the four categories of material handling equipment? Basically, there are 4 main categories of material handling equipment.

Namely bulk material handling, engineered systems, industrial trucks and storage equipment.

More on MHE

What are types of material handling?

MHE is widely used for various functions.

Mainly, warehouse MHE helps to move, store, protect and control different kinds of products.

Nonetheless, such a wide range of handling equipment requires an expert to know which is best for work.

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Hand Pallet Truck

A pallet jack also known as pallet truck or pump truck is basically a trolley with wheels and forks used to lift and move pallets.


Whether you need a manual stacker or an electric stacker, Bullmax has a comprehensive range of stackers for the best performance.

Drum Handling Equipment

Some warehouses or facilities need to handle drums which are much more complicated than standard materials.

Hence, we’ve compiled all you need to know to make the right decision when picking a drum handling equipment.

Hand Trolley

Generally, there are many types of hand trolleys. So, choosing the perfect hand trolley for your operations is no big deal.

All about manual, semi and electric pallet trucks

Pallet Mesh

Usually, warehouses are very organized. However, a pallet mesh also known as pallet cages is a game changer.

Moreover, they are super useful for storing materials or pallets without restricting a lot of space around the warehouse.


Pick the Top Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer

A warehouse will experience better productivity if they use the right handling equipment.

However, the right type of warehouse MHE is not that easy to choose. 

Because there are many factors to consider before buying any warehouse mhe.

In conclusion, consult an experienced mhe supplier and manufacturer to get the best advice. 

So, contact our friendly customer service team to know the right way to purchase or upgrade your MHE.


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