Heavy duty racking systems are useful for warehouses and facilities that transfer,  ship, and store material on pallets.

Proper racking systems help maximize warehouse space utilization. Apart from that, they also help keep material organized and easily accessible.

Types of Heavy Duty Racking Systems

Proper inventory management is crucial for effective warehouse operations.

That being said, there are many different types of heavy duty racking systems for storing material efficiently. Each of them has their own ideal uses and inventory management procedure.

Some of the most common heavy duty racking systems in Malaysia are:

  1. Selective Pallet Racking
  2. Cantilever Racking
  3. Drive-in Racking
  4. Push Back Racking
  5. Boltless Racking

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective racking is the most common heavy duty racking system. It has the lowest pallet storage capacity with the lowest cost per square metre of racking.

However, you have the option to put the racks behind one another, turning it into ‘a double deep’ rack. This can increase storage capacity up to 40%.

Moreover, it also provides direct access to pallets thus making it easy for storing and removing pallets with a forklift.


Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is most suitable to use for storing long products such as timber or pipes. Unlike other racking system, it comes with a base that supports tiers of protruding arms.

Additionally, the base can be standalone with arms on both sides, or you can attach it to a wall for extra support.

This racking system is free of obstructions in the storage area, hence giving easy access to forklifts.

Drive-in Racking

Drive-in racking system provides maximum racking system using minimum amount of space. So, it is most suitable in storing large quantity of the same material.

Nevertheless, in order to access pallets in the back, the pallets in front of them must be moved completely.

Despite that, it is one of the highest density racking options that can optimize space efficiently.

Push Back Racking

This system is similar to drive-in racking, except it’s designed to push forward pallets.

For instance, pallets in the back will be pushed forward to the front once the pallets in front are removed.

Furthermore, like drive-in racking, it is a high-density storage system, which optimises the available storage space.


Boltless Heavy Duty Racking System

Boltless racking is suitable for general purpose storing. It is heavy duty racking units that use strong, particle board decks or wire racking for storage.

Besides, the racking is also easy to assemble. No tools, nuts or bolts are required to assemble the racking. The only tool you need is a rubber mallet.

On top of that, it also offer more storage density up to 850 pounds per shelf.

Top Heavy Duty Racking Systems Provider in Malaysia

At Bullmax, we believe that any warehouse or facility should have a well-structured racking system.

We have a wide array of top quality heavy duty racking equipment that can effectively improve warehouse operations.

So, reach out to our friendly customer service team to know more details about the top heavy duty racking equipment in Malaysia.

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