Lift table is one of the most common material handling equipment along with others such as pallet truck and hand trolley.

Having said that, lift tables are extremely useful in industrial settings. They can help save time loading and unloading while also lowering the risk of injury.

What is a Lift Table?

In general, a lift table is an equipment that can be raised and lowered to a desired height. It is so that workers do not need to unnecessarily bend when reaching for the loads.

Lift tables have come in different types but the most common is the scissor lift table.

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Handy Tips to Choose the Right Lift Table

Choosing the right lift table can be tricky if you do not know what to look for. Hence, we will give you some pointers on how to choose the right lift table.

Determine the load capacity

Like any other equipment, lift tables come in different capacities. Bullmax’s collection of lift tables range from 300kg to 2000kg.

Therefore, when making your decision, keep in mind the average weight of your loads. It is recommended to get one that exceed your maximum expected weights.

Determine the stroke

Stroke means the length of the lift’s reach. You would want your lifting equipment to be able to reach a little further than the maximum expected reach.

Identify the size

Size refers to the size of the platform or the tabletop. If your loads are usually bigger, it is highly advisable to get a bigger one.


Choose a Drive mechanism

Lift table’s most common drive mechanisms are manual and electric. The choice between manual lift tables and electric lift tables depends on your needs and requirements.

Manual lift tables:

  • The lift pump is controlled by a pedal or a simple lever
  • Has wheels with brakes that enables them to be moved around

Electric lift tables:

  • More sturdy and has bigger capacity
  • Controlled using buttons (up, down and emergency stop)

Get Bullmax’s Lift Table For Your Warehouse

Lift tables can help you achieve maximum material handling efficiency. So, there is no reason why you should not get one for your warehouse.

Bullmax has a broad range of lift tables with different capacities that is guaranteed to fit your needs.

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