A pallet stacker is the more economical choice compared to a forklift

Typically, a warehouse or shop is not complete without a pallet stacker.

Why? Because it is the most ideal piece of material handling equipment for lower duty cycles.

So, as a leading warehouse stacker supplier, we have listed all you need to know about pallet stacking equipment.

What is a stacker?

A stacker is a type of specialized warehouse material handling equipment primarily used to lift and stack materials.

Although it is quite similar to a hand pallet truck, a stacker can easily lift palletized products from low-level to mid-level positions.

Because of its essential use in warehousing, there are many types of stacker in the material handling equipment industry for particular capacities.

Advantages of a Pallet Stacker

Basically, pallet stacking equipment are the cheaper version of a forklift.

Not only that, operators do not require a license when using this stacking equipment. 

During operations, a stacker can fit into narrow aisles with easy maneuvers which is ideal for warehousing and shops to increase efficiency.


Bullmax Types of Pallet Stacker

Bullmax MHE is a top supplier of high performance stackers used for many applications.

Not only that, Bullmax supplies many kinds of warehouse stacking equipment that help enhance productivity and efficiency.

1. Manual Stackers

The manual stacker comes with a hydraulic pump so operators can simply lift materials on open-based pallets by manually pumping the handle of this hand stacker truck. 

2. Platform Stacker

The platformed pallet stacker comes with a lifting table, overload protection, removable platform plate and a collapsible foot pedal.

Moreover, this platform stacking equipment can lift both types of warehouse pallets designed of up to 400kg of materials.

Besides that, Bullmax makes both manual platform stacker and an electric platform stacker so you can make the right choice.

3. Straddle Leg Stackers

Basically, the straddle leg manual stacker, semi auto straddle leg stacker and powered straddle leg stacker can lower to the ground. This makes it easier to lift pallets directly with the help of straddle legs.

Therefore, the manual straddle leg pallet stacker, semi electric stacking mhe and electric straddle leg stackers are ideal for both open-based pallets and closed-based pallets of up to 1000kg.

4. Self Lifting Stacker

The self loading stacker is similar to other standard stackers.

However, the design has a self lifting mechanism used to carry itself with the load onto trucks and lorries.

5. Semi Electric & Electric Stacker

Bullmax supplies semi-auto pallet stackers and electric stackers that can lift loads from 1000kg to 2000kg.

Also, the semi auto stacker and powered pallet stacker has a built in electric control system to lift heavy materials better.

For more information, browse through Bullmax stackers.


Applications of a Warehouse Stacker

A warehouse stacker is the ideal choice for applications with a low throughput as opposed to a forklift.

Hence, material handling stackers are best suited for inventory facilities, stores and manufacturing production lines.

Mainly, this is because they involve low to mid-level racking, requires mhe for short distances, and does not need speedy mhe to carry products.

The Top Pallet Stacker Supplier in Malaysia

Bullmax has the best line of stackers for optimum productivity and efficiency.

If you’re still using manual labor to lift your products, we highly suggest investing in a stacker to improve your daily operations.

So, contact our friendly customer service team to know more about the best material handling equipment.

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