A pallet mesh cage is the best solution to provide better support and security.

Primarily because a warehouse has an infinite line of materials to store, transport, and ship.

Let’s get into the benefits and uses of a wire mesh pallet cage in this blog.

What is a pallet mesh cage?

A pallet mesh cage, also known as a mesh security cage has four sides and a top that fully encloses materials inside.

In comparison, standard wooden pallets are platforms to stack products with no added security.

Yet similarly, hand pallet trucks, pallet stackers or forklifts can easily carry these wire mesh pallet or steel pallet cages.

What are the benefits of using a pallet mesh cage?

Basically, pallet cages is the ideal choice for products that are hard to stack properly or that require total safety against external damages.

Beyond that, a pallet mesh container has many other benefits for any warehouse.


A pallet mesh cage fully contains products

When transporting materials anywhere, there is a possibility that they can tip over and fall or damage.

A pallet mesh cage eliminates this risk because it fully encloses warehouse products.

As a result, your materials and workers are kept safe from falling heavy products and harm.

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Pallet mesh containers are very durable 

Comparatively, a plastic pallet mesh is much more durable than a standard wooden pallet.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the most durable stacking equipment for your materials, steel stillages are your best choice.

Mainly because they can withstand heavy damage such as crushing and accidents.

Total security 

If you’re handling products with standard pallets, you are at risk of theft and tampering.

Thus, replace them with fully closed wire mesh pallet cages for extra protection against such acts.

Also, you can easily add locks to fully protect your valuable materials.

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Stackable pallet cages optimizes space

In the material handling equipment industry, one primary aspect is to maximize space in a facility.

For this reason, a wire mesh container is designed to be stacked on each one safely and securely.

Therefore, not only can you save space but you save costs because you won’t need to spend on racking.

Not only that, you can also easily fold wire mesh cages when not in use so you can save more storage space.

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