6 Safety Guidelines when Operating Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts require their own special handling technique.

This motorized handling equipment has a platform that can be used to lift materials straight up by a criss-cross metal support mechanism.

Primarily used to access hard-to-reach areas, workers can utilize the scissor lift to handle high-level equipment easily.

However, it is important to note that scissor lifts have specific safety guidelines when in use.

1. Inspect Lifting Equipment

Before using the scissor lift, it is a must to inspect the equipment for any dysfunctions or damages.

Immediately alert your supervisors if you find any defects. Never attempt to proceed using or repair on your own.

2. Worksite Inspection Before Scissor Lift Operation

Make sure the worksite area is free from debris, uneven surfaces and overhead obstructions.

Debris can be cleared away safely but report to the superior to resolve uneven surfaces and top-level obstruction that can be dangerous.

3. Non-personnel Distancing from Aerial Work Platform

Once the scissor lift is in use, ensure all non personnel has been escorted away from the work area.

They must distance themselves 1 metre away from the scissor lift before it is used to avoid any fatalities and/or injuries.

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4. Elevated Work Platform Overload 

There exists several types of scissor lifts, all with their own weight capacity.

Although they are considered balanced, there may be some material that is not safe to be carried. 

Consult your scissor lift manufacturer to know exactly the type of materials that are safe to be handled.


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5. Stand Firmly on Hydraulic Lift

When in use, workers must keep both feet planted firmly on the working platform.

It is prohibited to ever sit, climb or tilt on the platform. Nor is it permissible to use any alternative device to extend the scissor lift height.

6. After Use Maintenance of Lifting Equipment

A warehouse must maintain good housekeeping at all times.

For a scissor lift, workers must ensure all controls are in their default places and it is secured after each operation. 

It is unsafe for untrained personnel to use the lift in terms of safety and legal issues. 

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Scissor Lift Safety

Using a scissor lift has its ups and downs

In overall, a scissor lift may look easy to operate but without following the right safety guidelines, you may be escorted to the emergency room.

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